CEO Update
As we ring in the New Year and welcome students back after the holidays, I’d like to thank you for your ongoing support. We closed 2022 with one of our best years yet – serving more students than ever before in our 27-year history! This includes seeing our first cohort of students graduate from our Chula Vista program. Aligning with our vision to ensure every child has access to higher education, BLCI expanded services to Chula Vista in 2013 thanks to an initial grant from SBCS. Ten years later, the students’ hard work paid off and are now freshmen at their respective colleges. This cohort was our first attempt at replicating our program model outside of the Barrio Logan Community. Their success proves our model is sustainable and a highly effective method to help ensure students achieve their academic goals. 

To date, 100% of our students have enrolled in college. Your generosity helped make this possible and we look forward to growing even more in the coming year. The demand for our services continues to increase, especially in our El Cajon and Chula Vista locations. We are committed as an organization to break the cycle of poverty through education and your belief in our mission is critical to our success in 2023.  

I’d like to personally invite you to tour one of our program locations and witness the impact you are making through BLCI. Our seniors are beginning the arduous process of finalizing college applications and anxiously awaiting their results, while our elementary and middle schoolers are just beginning to see what an education can make possible. Send an email to to schedule a time to meet the students and learn more about the work we are doing in the community.
Happy New Year! 

Sara Boquin
Chief Executive Officer
Community Partner Spotlight
Every year, HP and Petco invite Barrio Logan College Institute seniors to come together with their families and celebrate their accomplishments. This past year, some seniors had the opportunity to share their stories about their involvement with BLCI and their educational journeys. Students also received a tour of Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres. 

All seniors were gifted new HP Laptops that they can use for the rest of their senior year and into college! We are grateful to both HP and Petco for continuing to be tremendous supporters for BLCI and our students. 

“It’s a joy to carry out the Petco tradition of hosting a holiday party for Barrio Logan College Institute, in partnership with our friends at the San Diego Padres and HP. What an honor to celebrate the students’ outstanding academic performance as well as the support they receive from BLCI and loved ones, so they can pursue their college careers and further prepare themselves for what I’m sure will be a lifetime of leadership.”
-Ron Coughlin, Petco CEO 

“HP has been supporting the efforts of BLCI kids since 2011 and this year’s event for Seniors was another opportunity for HP to recognize just how impressive their college aspirations are and how incredible their college next steps will be.” Tara Agen and Dan Salzman, HP 
Student Spotlight
Meet Elizabeth, BLCI student and senior at the Preuss School, UC San Diego. Elizabeth began attending BLCI programs when she was in the 3rd grade and credits staying through her senior year because she says the program empowers its students to pursue their dreams of attending and completing college. Elizabeth was one of the seniors in attendance at the holiday party hosted by Petco, PetContigo, HP and the San Diego Padres, and she spoke about how BLCI programs have impacted her education.  

“BLCI has an incredible way of engaging its students with fun activities. One of my earliest memories was chanting “Who wants to go to college? We do!” Through these forward-thinking activities, BLCI was able to strengthen my skills, such as studying, collaboration and public speaking. 

Helping facilitate these activities is a hardworking team of amazing student mentors and tutors that help to guide the students to their goals. At a young age, I struggled with math as equations and simple math wasn’t really my strong suit, but I wanted to better myself with the subject I truly disliked, so I sought help from BLCI. BLCI was able to provide the assistance that I needed, by assigning me with a math tutor that I would see regularly for many years. Now, I am a senior taking Calculus and I honestly enjoy what I am learning in that class. I feel that if I hadn't received the extra math support that early on, I would still be struggling to understand and enjoy a core subject that is needed to be college ready. The BLCI crew has been instrumental in providing not only academic assistance, but a real-world perspective on their career experience, which helps connect students to their calling at a more intimate level and help them grow their passions. 

Another useful aspect of the program are the many College and Career fairs held regularly. These fairs host colleges from around the country, as well as people in any field of work you could imagine. I only grew up only knowing about colleges located in California, but BLCI opened my eyes to the other schools around the country that could be my future. I remember, as a child, listening to one of the Princeton admissions officers who had a booth that was located in the multipurpose room for BLCI students to learn more about this prestigious college during the college fair. This is one of the colleges that I adored at a young age to the point where I told myself I would attend this school.

To this day Princeton is my dream school and I will soon submit my application there. The career fairs BLCI held were also experiences that helped me indicate what I wanted to focus my learning on and my possible career. I would speak to Teachers, Lawyers, and Doctors and be inspired, knowing that I could potentially be in any of these fields when I grow up. 

The most inspiring aspect of BLCI was its way of celebrating its students. Whether it be a student graduating for the first time from BLCI’s elementary school program alongside the high schoolers, or celebrations like tonight, BLCI has always provided me with a taste of success, of what it would mean to graduate high school and eventually go to college.” 

Thank you to Petco, Petcontigo, the San Diego Padres and HP for their ongoing support and dedication to breaking the cycle of poverty through education. 

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Thank you for helping us break the cycle of poverty through education. With your support, we look forward to another year of sending 100% of our students to college.
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