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Aug, 2015 
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Fast, Easy Money - Finally!!

One of the most discussed topics in the world of business ownership is financing. Where is the money, who has it and how can I get some to start my business? Loans often take considerable time, lots of paperwork and you have to collateralize your home or place your first born into indentured servitude. Seems that only those with money are able to borrow money - Right?

Last week, the world changed! Finally, there is a financing program available to every individual with a decent credit score and at least $10K. Fast, easy money. Here are the details -

Max Loan Amount            $150,000
Collateral:                        None
Pre-Approval:                   1 - 2 Days (Approximate)
Funding:                          5 - 7 Days (Approximate)
Credit Score:                    680 or higher.
Cash Required:                $0 to $10,000 (Varies based on Franchisor requirements)

Are you one the many people who really wants to own a business but thought you could not afford it? Here is a program that will allow you to fulfill your dream of business ownership. On the other hand, are one of those people who likes to use the excuse, 'I don't have enough money'?  If so, sorry, you will have to find a different excuse.

If we previously spoke and I was unable to assist you due to financial reasons, let's reconnect. If we have never spoken but you are interested in learning more, let me know. Phone (800) 708-0040. Email
Rick Bisio
Founder of The Educated Franchisee
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Tax Planning for Small Business Owners
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The Modern Day Slave Trade       

ou've probably heard this a thousand times: "Go to school, get an education, find a job, show up on time, put in your 40 hours each week, and you'll secure a good retirement for yourself"

We were led to believe a myth - to expect 3%-5% annual wage increases, some form of job security from employers, a nice pension, and probably a few promotions and a title change or two along the way. But today's economy doesn't even come close; we have instead become modern day slaves. ......

Tony Robbins - Ted Talk
Why we do What we do.    

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