Educating Clients to Drive Opportunity
The TEGG Lunch and Learn Program should be used to draw in decision makers and educate clients on electrical safety. Check out our tips on using the program to generate more leads. If you've missed our previous tips,or you've missed our previous tips, you can catch up here and here.
Tip: Use the Invite!
"Putting these together is very simple... we can be assured of plenty of attendees that are happy to hear of the latest updates and recommended practices.” - Dave Schlapkohl, Humphrey & Associates

Inviting prospects and clients to your Lunch and Learn is easy! Simply download and customize the Arc Flash Safety Lunch and Learn ePostcard​.

  • Invite Early and Follow Up: Send invitations at least one month in advance and follow up weekly as needed.
  • Help Leads Register: Make the decision to attend as easy as a click! Use a calendar invite or google form. Bonus: it helps you track and confirm your attendees. (Here's some info on creating invites in Outlook and Google Calendar, or getting started with Google forms.)
  • Keep the “lunch” in Lunch and Learn: Include mention of a complimentary lunch or other offering such as a $10 to $15 gift card for a food delivery service to confirmed attendees.

You can find all the updated resources, including the presentation, script, and invitation on the Lunch and Learn resource page. Reach out to your AVP to help you review and prepare the content.
Call in the experts! You can ask our team to present a Lunch and Learn virtually or in person. Contact your AVP for more information.

"Knowledge is power. Energize your sales by becoming the expert they need." - Joe Gierlach, VP Training & Support for ABM Franchising Group
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