Educating for Sustainability in an Uncertain World

Just like that, the world of education has been turned on its head.
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to think outside the box to deliver the best education possible to our students. For many reading this newsletter, the last few weeks have been spent navigating unchartered territory, whether its practicing "social distancing" or figuring out how to move your classroom to the computer.
At GSNN, we are taking several steps to support you in this uncertain time.
First, we have created a GSNN Community Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share resources, and provide support to fellow group members. This is a public group, so anyone can join.
Our GSNN PD Collaborative Partners have assembled some excellent resources for teachers and students to facilitate virtual learning. Here's just a few examples of what they have to offer:
Community Works Institute: Teaching for Community, Without a Classroom - Virtual Conference (April 18 from 8:00am - 4:00pm PST)
Strategic Energy Innovations:  Distance Learning Resources (includes curriculum covering water conservation, transportation and climate change, and energy audits)
Captain Planet Foundation:  Resources for Learning from Home
Biomimicry Institute:  Youth Design Challenge (Proposals due by April 17)

GSNN is also vetting and assembling a "best of the best" list of preK-12 curriculum and resources for educators to tap into. We will be holding a webinar on April 15 from 4-5pm ET to highlight these resources and answer your questions. You can register for this webinar here. Stay tuned - we'll be sharing more resources over the next few months .
Shifting gears, this month's blog featured stories that explore how schools are using the built environment as a teaching tool, from using the playground to teach mathematical concepts, to using a building's design features as inspiration for real-world engineering projects, to planning and installing a solar array to power a school's science department. The article, Math on the Playground, has some great ideas that can be adapted by students and their families for learning at home!
Of course, you can't be there to support and educate your students if you don't take care of yourself. Take the time to engage in activities that make you healthy and happy. Find ways to practice compassion for neighbors, friends, and loved ones. Take heart knowing we are in this together and will come out stronger if we stick together and care for one another.
We are thinking of you,
From the Blog

Math on the Playground

Student-Driven Solar: How West Bloomfield High School Students Powered Their Science Department with Solar Electricity

A Hybrid Green Building Inspires Student Learning

Green Building: Tools for the Future

Reprinted with permission from Green Teacher magazine. 
Learn with Green Schools National Network

Best of the Best: GSNN Curated Virtual Resources for You and Your Students

When: 4:00pm - 5:00pm ET on April 15, 2020
Cost: Free!

Designed for preK-12 educators, this interactive, 60-minute webinar highlights "best of the best" resources and curriculum that GSNN and its collaborators have curated for virtual and at-home learning.

Preparing Students for Green Careers

When: 4:00pm - 5:00pm ET on May 11, 2020
Cost: Free!

Growth in careers within environmental and sustainability fields is expected to trend upward for the foreseeable future. It's vital that educators prepare students to be leaders and innovators in these fields by equipping them with the skills needed to ideate, design, adapt, take risks, learn from mistakes, and collaborate with others. This webinar will feature two school districts that are giving students opportunities to hone these skills. Whitefish School District in Montana will share how their Center for Sustainability and Entrepreneurship offers students a fast track to a green future. Carson City School District in Nevada will discuss their strong CTE program and how it connects to many of the district's and city's sustainability initiatives.
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