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If the current political climate has taught us anything, it's that everyone has an opinion. Turn on any news channel or visit a news website, and you will find strong opinions on all sides of all issues. Oftentimes, it's difficult to discern the opinions from the facts! Worse, negative opinions dominate, which can make it disheartening to try to engage in your community. However, as leaders in local government, it's our job not only to engage, but to educate our public. Indeed, a highly engaged public who does not understand the fundamental realities of local government might actually do damage.

Educating the communities we serve means ensuring that we share facts and history about our communities in a timely and thoughtful manner. It means presenting information in the context of tradeoffs, and avoid one-sided declarations without acknowledging that a new policy may have negative repercussions. Engagement from a well-informed public is far more helpful to the goal of improving our communities. It also charts a pathway to compromise and cooperation.

Understanding how local government works and the complexities of policy in California can be daunting. For most of us, we live and breathe it daily, but we still need refreshers to keep current. Thanks to the internet, there are many exciting ways to better connect to the public and explain the fundamentals of local government. If you start your efforts with the first goal of informing, you may be surprised how it helps advance a community through sticky issues as they arise in the future.


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After three years on the team and serving clients including Civiltec Engineering, Culver City, Rolling Hills Estates, MuniTech Academy and more, Jon Barilone is Tripepi Smith's new Director.
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Pivot Charter School  has relied on support from Tripepi Smith for four years to aid its marketing and outreach efforts. While in the midst of an important chartering process for each of its four resource centers, Pivot has turned to Tripepi Smith to sustain its outreach work, while addressing the additional workload of seeking new charters. Read More
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Client Highlight: MuniEnvironmental

MuniEnvironmental spe cializes in providing solid waste, recycling and stormwater consulting services to communities, non-profits and municipalities. The firm's  expertise adds value to municipal and agency efforts to implement mandated regulatory environmental requirements. 
Bellflower, Irvine, Lomita, Garden Grove and Corona are just a few cities that benefit from MuniEnvironmental's services. 
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Katherine Griffiths

Katherine Griffiths has been on team Tripepi Smith since 2016. She is the team's Director of Operations, leading efforts for clients, including La Ca ñ ada Flintridge, California Choice Energy Authority, MuniEnvironmental, Avenu Analytics & Insights, Claremont McKenna College and Municipal Information Systems Association of California.

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2018 Conference Plans

Tripepi Smith can be found on the conference circuit. Look for us at the following events:

CAPIO Annual Conference
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Washington City Manager Association / ICMA West Coast Conference
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MMASC Women's Leadership Summit
Yorba Linda, CA

MMANC Women's Leadership Summit
Richmond, CA

CCCA Annual
Municipal Seminar
Indian Wells

ICMA Annual Conference
Baltimore, MD

LOCC Annual Conference
Long Beach

MMASC Annual Conference
Indian Wells

MMANC Annual Conference