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By Kyle Olson


Exclusive: 'Real School Employees of Buffalo': Taxpayers pick up tab for plastic surgeries, 5-star hotels and limousines


Buffalo Public Schools spent $2,728,201.00 on cosmetic procedures for members of the Buffalo Teachers Federation for the period of June 2011-July 2012. A district employee said the cosmetic surgery rider is still in effect because Buffalo's teachers haven't had a new contract since the last one expired in 2004. [more...]



Students pull off Thanksgiving event, despite protesting teachers


Students and teachers from Old Rochester Regional Junior High School have teamed up for many years to serve a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to senior citizens in the school cafeteria. But this year the teachers thought it would be an opportune time to bring their complaints about a lack of a collective bargaining agreement to the community. How? By refusing to participate in the traditional Thanksgiving event. That's right, as a way to protest their lack of a contract, the teachers bailed on the students and senior citizens. But the students and a group of volunteers kept the tradition alive on their own. [more...]



Teacher: Student-to-student massages will cure bullying


California-based educator Thea Blair has just the solution to school bullying: peer massages. Or more specifically, "massage of children by classmates on the upper body while clothed and with consent." Blair believes peer massages "can be a powerful antidote to bullying in schools," according to Massage Magazine. There's no word on what a massage policy, particularly at the middle or high school level, might mean for teen pregnancy rates. [more...]



'Last in, first out' remains a target of the Christie administration


If Gov. Chris Christie had his way, New Jersey's new tenure reform law would have included a provision scrapping seniority protections for union teachers. But the state's teachers unions refused to budge on the "last in, first out" layoff policy. State officials are not done addressing the problem. [more...]



Union-led Louisiana voucher lawsuit to be heard in court this week


Quality education for thousands of struggling students is at stake in a lawsuit scheduled to be heard this week. Louisiana's teachers unions and local public school boards are challenging the constitutionality of the state's new private school voucher program, which provides tax dollars for certain students to escape failing public schools in favor of private schools. [more...]



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