Education Committee Update
Education Fundraiser
The Educational Committee's biggest fundraiser this year is the Silent Auction held at the Spring Show on March 30-31 at the Rose Palace.

In addition to the usual types of wonderful items we have in our Silent Auctions, don't overlook these potential goodies. We know you have things in your house that no longer bring you joy, but would bring joy to someone else! Examples:

* Christmas gifts you have thought about re-gifting
* Jewelry you no longer wear
* Handbags/purses/totes
* Books - used is fine, paperbacks are fine
* Art work that doesn't work in your house
* Knick Knacks you are tired of dusting
* Horse stuff, of course! 
* Gift cards
* Barn Baskets

You get the idea! So start going through your cabinets, drawers, bookcases, etc. and do some de-cluttering for a great cause!
The value of any donation is tax deductible! 
Don't forget to ask people you do business with for donations - most are willing to help and they get a bit of advertising! 

We need your items at the Rose Palace the Friday before the show. If you can't bring them out then, contact Lisa Mattson , Deb Peterson , or Karen Silvers , and we will figure out a way to pick up your items. 

Please complete the below - one for each item. Or, provide the information needed on the form to Lisa Mattson and we will do the form for you.