Education Corner
with Arielle Fatuova and Tracey Roode
During the fall of 2017, our KidsArt workshops were bursting with fun and creativity as they created projects inspired by Grand Strand Collects, a large exhibition of artworks from the collections of over 50 Grand Strand residents.  While exploring the collection of works in all different media, colors and dimensions, our students were inspired to learn a variety of techniques.They also got to work with visiting artists and musicians and participate in projects that give back to the community on both a local and national level.

Teens that participated in T.A.P. (Teen Art Program) this fall were given the opportunity to become part of a worldwide art movement.  The Sketchbook Project began in 2006 in Atlanta, GA, and moved to New York City in 2009.  Since then, it has grown into a worldwide community of more than 70,000 artists.  In our part of the program, each student was given a blank sketchbook (ordered through the Brooklyn Art Library) and together we worked on them during class.  The sketchbooks, now complete, are being sent off to New York City where they will be cataloged into a traveling exhibition from around the world!

Our younger participants had a visit from a local musician, Angie Capone, who played  different beats and rhythms for a series of three lively paintings.  Angie and Ms. Arielle talked with the children about finding the connection between music and art, and the kids were even given the opportunity to play the bongos!

As part of our ongoing outreach efforts this fall, Ms. Arielle introduced the topic of the importance of adopting pets from local shelters.  By contacting All4Paws in Pawleys Island, she received images of some of the dogs that have been up for adoption for at least a year.  We learned about their stories, painted their portraits and posted them on social media in hopes that these sweet pooches would find loving homes.  The children felt very proud of themselves for their good deeds! 

Meanwhile, Ms. Tracey has been visiting her daycares and preschools, teaching them the elements and principles of design.  The children used textured stamps to create fish after reading Rain Fish; and expressed emotions through colorful abstract paintings after reading I Don't Draw, I Color! They also mixed colors in a collaborative marble painting art project after reading Monsters Love Colors; and they explored the many beautiful things one can make with a simple square in a paper collage art project inspired by the book Perfect Square. 

As many of you know, we have been anxiously waiting the completion of the Art Museum's Pottery Studio and we are finally in the home stretch!  Classes will begin in a few short months, and Ms. Arielle will be moving to the downstairs studio, where she will instruct the hand-building courses in the Pottery Studio along with John Johnson, a local ceramist who we know as "Mr. Mud Bucket."  Beginning in January, Ms. Tracey will be taking over full responsibility of the KidsArt programs.  

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

Tami Springs Brooks in Thanksgiving for her children, 
Christi, Jerrett and Boni Belle; and grandson, Landon. 

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