Feb. 28

No. 155

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Weekly Readings

On Feb. 23, 2019, the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued plans to modernize China's education system through 2035: 《中国教育现代化 2035》and 《加快推进教育现代化实施方案(2018-2022年)》

The two documents address  government spending, access to preschools, and vocational training for Chinese youth, as well as increased support for Chinese government-funded Confucius Institutes around the world.

 《中国教育现代化2035》outlines 10 strategic tasks for education modernization and 3 measures to safeguard progress. 

《加快推进教育现代化实施方案(2018-2022年)》 , referred to as the "Implementation Plan," also puts forward 10 key tasks to promote the modernization of education. 

The Minister of Education answers questions about the two documents here:

俗语 in Xi Jinping's Speeches

fáng wēi dù jiàn
Meaning: Nip in the bud
In a speech on February 23, 2019 during a group study session of the CPC Central Committee Politiburo,  Xi Jinping stressed that  China should seek stable development of its economy while also fending off risks to its financial system. These risks that endanger regulatory accountability, such as weak supervision, inaccurate reporting, and poor decision-making, should be nipped in the bud.
Original: 要统筹金融管理资源,加强基层金融监管力量,强化地方监管责任,做到抓小抓早、防微杜渐。
Video of the Week 

This week's video, a speech entitled "Resentment and Justice" ( 愤恨与正义) explores themes of faith, justice and resentment in Chinese society. 
Prof. Zhou Lian delivered this lecture  to a packed auditorium of students at the Yasumoto International Academic Park in Hong Kong.  Skip straight to 03:19 for the speechProf. Zhou Lian teaches at the School of Philosophy, Renmin University of China. 

"Resentment and Justice" analyzes the current situation of Chinese society since Xi Jinping took office, specifically how the disparity between the rich and the poor have spurred public resentment.  Prof. Zhou Lian points out that a series of policies pursued by Xi Jinping have aimed at suppressing elite privileges and alleviating public resentment, but the effect of those policies remains to be seen.

You can find the entire series of USC Talks on YouTube. 
Job Opportunity

The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies is in search of a  Career Services Coordinator for the Hopkins Nanjing Center (HNC).  The Career Services Counselor supports HNC students and alumni in student career advising, employer outreach and development, and programing.  

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