PANDAS PANS Awareness Day is coming!
August 14, 2015

Dear Families,
We have two new handouts that you could use on Awareness Day, for new parents, or practitioners who just "don't understand" PANDAS-PANS impact.  These will be permanently housed on our website.
"You Are Not Alone" by parent, Kelly Channel, shares her story of the journey to healing for their 11 yr old son.  It is comforting and encouraging to read.
"Understanding the Impact: A Psychologists View" by Lisa Scholder, LP  discusses symptom by symptom how PANDAS affects a family.  This was specifically created to help people (especially medical practitioners) register that this illness is devastating to the whole family system.

You Are Not Alone
Understanding the Impact: A Psychologists View

Illinois parents Rock!   It is now a LAW to create awareness materials about PANDAS for educators and physicians.  (Senator Cullerton, SB1684)  
Learn about the Illinois parents led by Wendy Nawara on Facebook PANDAS-PANS Advocacy and Support or

We've added 3 more states..keep them coming!
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The PANDAS Network Team

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on to educators, school administration, SLPs, OT/PT, school counselors, and other related positions.  Why should you care?? because accommodation for PANDAS-PANS kids will be identified and published from this work -- allowing better care for sick kids.