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The Wiesenthal Education team is proud to share with you a copy of our new newsletter for educators and parents. It is meant to be an education resource to assist with online learning during this critical time. FSWC is blessed to have four top Master Degree level educators who have specialized in Holocaust and human rights education. We are utilizing our expertise both in academia and on the front lines having directly taught over 200,000 students to assist educators and the community at large with addressing some of the human rights issues as they arise. Should you have particular suggestions you wish addressed by our team, please email us at

FSWC Education Team

March 24, 2020
Xenophobia, Bias & COVID-19
Daniella Lurion
FSWC Associate Director of Education
While the world has seen pandemics, a Public Health crisis like COVID-19 is unheard of in our modern age. Across the globe countries are shutting their borders; non-essential travel is banned;schools, sporting events and even birthday parties are being cancelled. Phrases like “social distancing” and “self-isolation” have become part of our new vocabulary. Our new normal. Unfortunately, so too have phrases like “Chinese Coronavirus” and “Wuhan Coronavirus”.  
Keeping Students Engaged At Home
Jordan Desai
FSWC Education Associate
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused schools to close across the nation inevitably forced millions of students to stay home and practice social distancing. Friends of Simon Wiesenthal’s team of educators are dedicated to helping parents and guardians continue the education of students throughout this difficult time. We are committed to creating projects that will keep kids reading, thinking, and growing, regardless of where they are.

Becoming A Primary Resource
Emily Barsanti-Innes
FSWC Education Associate
Primary sources are one of the major ways that historians are able to get an inside look into the minds and hearts of those who came before us. Diaries, artwork, poems, and songs written by individuals as they document the world around them in the past allows us to piece together these events today. Today, there has been a dramatic increase of individuals, who have been carefully documenting their circumstances while under isolation and quarantine.

Yom HaShoah & Social Distancing
Elena Kingsbury
FSWC Education Associate
In our current atmosphere of uncertainty and isolation, parents and educators may
find it difficult to integrate Holocaust remembrance into their home schooling
efforts. FSWC’s education team is here to help. We are prepared to offer resources and support in your efforts to create opportunities for Holocaust remembrance, particularly as we approach Yom HaShoah on April 20th-21st. This time of disruption reminds us that some of the most powerful lessons we can teach our children go beyond typical coursework.
For any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at any time