Let's Play Scrabble!
Scrabble is a game of words, strategy and team building and a whole lot of fun at LVGW!

May 4, 2019, is our 18th Annual Scrabble Scrimmage Tournament. This signature event brings literacy awareness and support to LVGW and the adult students we educate. Thank you to our major sponsors for supporting adult literacy through our Scrabble friend and fundraiser event, where proceeds benefit our ESL Programming! 
We have room for one more team of 3-6 players-call or email by 2pm today!  The community businesses, team players, volunteers, staff and donors that make this day a success each year will be highlights on our Facebook page next week!

Last  month, on April 7, 2019, Literacy Volunteers of Greater Worcester teamed up with the JCC Good Deeds Day t o hold a student/volunteer Family Scrabble Day. Our students played the game for the first time-and loved it! Requests were made by  both students and volunteers to have more Student Scrabble Game Days in the future!

Scrabble not only improves our vocabulary, it teaches strategy and builds intellectual capacity...
ESOL Course Registration for Spring into Summer starts May 13th
Twelve Courses over Nine weeks!

Registration dates for Summer ESOL Courses are Monday, May 13 until Friday, May 24. Course classes begin the week of June 3 and run thru August 10.  Summer is expanded to 9 weeks vs 6 weeks this year to meet the need in the community for learning year round! Our ESOL courses include; Survival, Beginner and Intermediate levels, and range from Conversation to Grammar. Our course options include a new  Citizenship Course for intermediate level students to prepare students for the Citizenship Exam this year!

Volunteer Tutor & Student Pair
Our core One-to-One Tutoring Program!

Meet Rand and Indre, an ESL Volunteer Tutor and student match  who have been meeting for over one year now. They, like many of our tutor matches, meet in the Worcester Public Library, where our main office is located. Our tutors meet in local libraries or cafes closer to the student's home, and create an individual learning space. A quiet and public space is the goal for teaching and learning, this is not always an easy find, but thankfully, the public library often fills the need! Rand became a tutor after learning about LVGW at a tabling event... read more

Next ESOL Tutor Training is June 11 to June 27, 2019...apply by 5.31!
Visit our website Tutor Page or download an application here.

Resource Center
Helpful web resources for your ESOL community

Voice of America English News is a versatile resource for teaches and students. Content includes; Grammar videos, audio recordings, US History lessons and more.

Learning Upgrade is a free adult literacy app provided by XPRIZE and the LVGW Team  with access code 2299. Learn where and when you like and  download the app today with these instructions.

Email us at [email protected] to share your favorite resource.

46th Anniversary Year at Literacy Volunteers of Greater Worcester !

Volunteer Leaves a Literacy Legacy 

Volunteers make an impact everyday at LVGW! They become an ESOL or ABE Tutor and give two hours per week to an adult English language learner; they prepare a lesson plan, they share a meal, they go out of their way to welcome the students they tutor. 

So it is no surprise, that Alice Tuomivaara, a former LVGW Tutor spoke so highly about her enjoyment with our students over the years to her family and friends. It is always a surprise though, of the generosity of heart, for her family and friends to recognize her love of volunteering and the mission of Literacy Volunteers with memorium recognition. Our hearts go out to the Tuomivaara family and friends. 

Alice once again touched the lives of our students at Literacy Volunteers of Greater Worcester with her generosity of spirit.   Jolene Jennings, Executive Director
"I am not a teacher but an awakener" 
Robert Frost
Annual Assessment Time is Back!
May and June

Every May and June, we are required by the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, our major tutor program funder, to conduct a post-assessment on our current tutored students.

We realize that assessments are only one measure of progress, and certainly don't tell the student's entire story, but they are a useful and required measurement. They help us to:  
  • Recognize students and tutors, and the English proficiency progress made.
  • Determine where the student is progressing, and where a student might need more instructional help.
  • Make program decisions for how to best to support our students and tutors so they can be as successful as possible in meeting English language goals.
  • Meet and qualify for grants to receive vital funding.
Contact Lena at [email protected] or 508-754-8056 to schedule assessment today!
Every tutored student must be re-assessed between May 6 to June 30, it is a program requirement. Thank you!

Save the Date
Special events or programs
Financial Literacy Workshop, July 18th, 2-3:30pm. Presented by Commerce Bank, A division of Berkshire Bank.
Day of Caring, September 12, 2019 . This will be our 4th year of community volunteerism with the United Way of Central Mass. Previous years include; Cleaning APW garden clean-up and Community Harvest produce picking for the hungry. Mark your calendars if you'd like to volunteer to  join the LVGW Team next year.
Funding and Adult Literacy Education
Learn more about how you can advocate for Adult Literacy Education funding and policy in the state. Timing is crucial for this year's budget process and the adults we educate. Thank you.  
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