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Dear Friends,

Over the last six months, TLA has brought together more than 40 partners to support over 400 school systems and 15,000 leaders as they developed plans to implement and improve remote and in-person teaching and learning practices in the face of COVID-19. This work has brought many pressing needs — most of which existed prior to the pandemic — into sharp focus, reinforcing the tremendous importance of our community’s collective commitment to deliver on the promise of an equitable, engaging, and effective education for every child in America.

The unprecedented efforts of educators continue, and so does TLA’s work alongside them to accelerate learning and support across the country. You can learn more about our programs and resources below; please share them widely so that we can reach as many schools and systems as possible. Thank you for your partnership in ensuring every student gets what they need to reach their full and unique potential.

Beth Rabbitt, CEO

Recent Highlights
Implementing Remote Teaching & Learning
TLA just released research-informed guidance on quality remote instruction based on the work we have been doing with districts across the country. Resources include research findings on the factors that help improve the quality of remote learning, an educator-facing series on how best to implement remote learning, a guide and diagnostic tool for leaders on how to support remote learning, and three “grab-and-go” sessions to train your team for remote instruction.
Free Coaching and Support to Help Solve Your School's COVID-19 Challenges
The Always Ready for Learning Coaching Network is a national, philanthropically-supported initiative working to ensure K-12 school district leaders find pro bono, rapid, customized guidance to help them carry out effective remote and hybrid teaching and learning. A coalition of top education experts, this network will work with school leaders to quickly determine concrete steps as well as connect educators with the resources they need to navigate COVID-19’s impact on their school systems. Please encourage schools in your networks to reach out for assistance.
Reopening Schools More Safely
The Parabola Project brings together experts in health and education to offer leaders strategies and working tools to minimize risks while maximizing learning when reopening schools. A partnership between The Learning Accelerator and Ariadne Labs (a joint center for health systems innovation at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health), the project includes a School Reopening Readiness Guide as well as several practical toolkits on topics such as creating a mask-wearing culture, cohorting students for in-person learning, and communicating with families about reopening measures.
Building Resilience & Equity
The Always Ready for Learning Strategy Lab is a project from TLA, in partnership with Bellwether Education Partners, working to accelerate the development of a more resilient and equitable education future. The Strategy Lab supports seven districts in resiliency planning for the short-term (fall 2020 re-opening) and long-term (sustainable, equitable models) through a networked improvement community and 1:1 planning support. Learning alongside these districts, the Strategy Lab is sharing actionable insights, models, and frameworks to help districts across the country in their planning, as well.
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