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September 28, 2017
The Fundamentals of IDI Protection &
Drafting a Comprehensive Plan to Help Protect Your Business Owners  
  Two 1-hr. Life/Health CE classes presented by
Rick Cordaro, Principal
Tuesday, October 3
8:30-10:30 am

Rick will teach two back-to-back classes for 1-hour of CE each.
The Fundamentals of Individual Disability Income Protection  
Course objective is to learn the basics of disability insurance. Showcasing that Disability Insurance is more than a product, but a sense of security. Course covers the need of income protection against the risks of a disability and basic product training.
Drafting a Comprehensive Plan to help protect your Business Owners  
The objective of this course is to take a deeper look into the threats of a disability to a business, and the potential solutions available to business owners.
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So, You're Getting Remarried...What Should You Do with Your Estate Planning? 
2-hr. Life/Health CE, plus 1 hr. Ethics CE presented by Jerry Bell
Tuesday, October 10, or Thursday, October 12
8:30-11:30 am 
Getting remarried after the death of a spouse or a divorce is fairly common.
We also see it more and more in the senior years as people live longer lives.
Whenever this happens, like it or not, there are plenty of planning issues that need to be addressed and prioritized. Many times both partners have children from previous marriages, and often there are differences in the amount of assets each partner owns. Additionally, each person in the relationship can have varying thoughts on how all of these items should be handled as the couple attempts to combine their lives and assets. A partial list of common questions many people have with a remarriage situation include:
  • Whose house will we use after we remarry?
  • What happens if one of us should die, and how will my children receive any inheritance?
  • What is mine and what is ours when it comes to assets?
  • What happens if one of us needs extended long-term care?
The list of questions can be much longer, and quite often the answers to these questions create early tension in a relationship.
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Click Here to register for Tuesday, August 9th!
LTCi Partnership Certification Refresher Course 
  4 hours Life/Health CE presented by
Claude Thau 
Tuesday, October 24
8:00 am-12:00 pm

Earn 4 hours of KS/MO CE, while renewing your LTCi Partnership certification.
This class is FREE for brokers who have submitted business to Target Insurance Services, Inc. in the past 12 months and for their staff. The charge for all other is $40. Checks should be made payable to: Target Insurance. We will reimburse the cost of the class upon request and submission of a case within two months of the class date.
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Estate Tax Planning  
  1-hour Life/Health CE course presented by
Craig Dailey, Lincoln Financial Group
Wednesday, October 25
8:30-9:30 am

Earn 1 hour of Life/Health CE with Craig Dailey, of Lincoln Financial, as he helps you understand how estate tax planning applies to your clients, and how you can help them navigate it while avoiding common pitfalls.   
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Horror Stories of Probate &
Realities of Trust Administration 
2-hr. Life/Health CE presented by Jerry Bell
Friday, October 27, or Tuesday, October 31
8:30-10:30 am 
Save the date now, details to follow.   
   Questions? Contact Heidi at 913-403-5813 or

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Click Here to register for Tuesday, August 9th!
Free 1-hour CE for HR Professionals
"How to Protect Employers & Staff from LTC Needs" OR  
"Employer-Sponsored Disability Solutions Webinar"

The LTC webinar is the first Wednesday of each month
at 4 pm ET (3 CT, 2 MT, 1 PT)

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To register for the DI Webinar, click on the Wednesday that works best for you:

E mployee c aregivers' p roblems are estimated to c ost U.S. employer s $13.4 billion
y early. Early intervention with a Health & Wellness approach to caregiving can help minimize the impact on employees and employers .
About 20% of employees self-identify as caregivers, but roughly twice as many provide care. They exercise less, sleep less and visit their doctor less.  They eat more fast and junk food, smoke more and drink more alcohol. Tired (63%) and stressed (66%), they are less productive and increase employer health and disability costs.
Receive 1-hour CE credit while learn ing about the impact of caregiving on health and wellness programs; how to help employees recognize caregiving challenges early; keys to minimize negative outcomes; and no-cost solutions to help solve the caregiving dilemma and protect employees' retirement dreams.

Do you want to know more about worksite LTCi and DI Products?

Click on the link below to attend this presentation and/or put it on your calendar. At the scheduled time, also call 605-468-8005 (PW: 957803#) to hear the audio portion. This long-distance call is free if you have long-distance. 

Learn about a disability income product that pays a caregiver benefit.  We also will discuss other products you can sell that help when caregiving is needed.

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