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Wilson College Master of Educational Technology (MET) degree program now available online in 48 states!
Wilson College's Master of Educational Technology (MET) degree program, developed in collaboration with Eduspire, and any individual Wilson College graduate-level online courses are now open to teachers across the United States (with the exception of Florida and California). Click here to read our announcement for more information.
Registration Deadlines Approaching Quickly for These Popular Courses!
Online: March 20 — April 30
Hurry! Register by March 15
Instructor: Melanie Lynch
Also available online June 12th
Online: March 20 — April 30
Hurry! Register by March 15
Instructor: Molly Neal
Also available online July 2
Online: March 20 — April 30
Hurry! Register by March 13
Instructor: Lisa Sands

This course, designed for middle and high school health and physical education teachers, will provide participants the opportunity to analyze their own classroom environment, identify effective curriculum, and increase the use of proven pedagogy strategies. Participants will create formative and summative assessments and compare and contrast them to the Best Practices document published by SHAPE America. This course is also available as part of the Wilson College Master of Educational Technology degree program.

This course will analyze the benefits of available technology for secondary math instruction and assessment. Formative and summative assessment tools will be compared. Online remediation and practice in the mathematics classroom will be investigated and critiqued.  Also available as part of the Wilson College Master of Educational Technology degree program.

Tech in Secondary English will offer teachers the opportunity to explore technology using various platforms, social media sites, software, and online resources. Teachers will reflect on their own use of technology, practice using a variety of tools, and create a plan to integrate technology into their secondary English classrooms.  Course takers will study current trends in education technology and practice using technology in alignment with Common Core standards for Secondary English.  Also available as part of the Wilson College Master of Educational Technology degree program.
Eduspire Instructor, 
Molly Neal
Instructor Spotlight: Molly Neal

Get to know us better: Eduspire's top-notch instructors combine experience, skill, insight, and a passion for education. This week's interview features Molly Neal  —  click here  to read her instructor spotlight profile and learn her favorite ed-tech app and ice cream flavor!

Molly teaches the Eduspire course, Tech in Secondary Math (above), which is available online.
Eduspire Solutions' guest post for GoGuardian: Analog School Processes
Eduspire and Eduspire Solutions regularly engage in "blog swaps" or content sharing with other education-related companies who share our vision for ed-tech. You may remember the Eduspire Solutions guest post written by GoGuardian called "8 Ways to Be a Good Digital Citizen." Well, it's our turn — check out our newest post, "Are Analog Processes in Schools Meant to Stay That Way?" on the GoGuardian blog. 
Thoughts From Eduspire Instructors: "Reflecting on Reflection"
Eduspire instructor Amy Musone, who is co-teaching the upcoming online course, "Nonfiction and Content Reading K-6," shares her experience at the Leveraging Learning conference in the fall and the impact it has had on her school community, teaching philosophy, and classrooms. How do you encourage learner reflection in your classroom? How do you collaborate on reflection practices with your colleagues?
Eduspire is Looking for Guest Bloggers!
We want our blog to be a place you visit for interesting, relevant, current, and informative content. In order to help us better cater to our readers and audience of education professionals, we invite you to submit ideas for blog topics that you'd like to see the Eduspire team write about. 
Feel free to submit more than one idea with your response. Topics can range from the latest ed-tech news and developments, to new apps you've begun to use in your classroom, to common experiences faced by educators that you'd like to see your peers weigh in on. We may write about your suggested topic and highlight it in an upcoming newsletter, so keep an eye on your inbox — and our blog!
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