MET Degree Program Milestones
Thankful for Another Great Year of Growth
It's hard to believe it's been two years since the launch of the MET program.

Since 2016 we've helped more than 250 educators "Tech the Next Step" in their education by providing innovative EdTech course content and resources that are immediately applicable to the classroom.

Here are just some of the great things MET graduates and program participants have had to say:
"I really enjoy the flexibility that the MET program provides."

"The program works with my busy schedule, offering practical and progressive coursework that keeps me up-to-date with emerging instructional strategies."

"Every course I’ve taken offers numerous strategies and projects that can go directly into my classroom. It has breathed new life and inspiration into my career."

"As a teacher In a 1:1 school, the MET program has given me the skills and strategies to inspire my students in new and creative ways. Also, the MET program is helping me earn my Masters at my own speed."

"Technology is ever-changing and this program gives you an edge on how you can best use it in your classroom."

"The MET program is practical, applicable, and convenient. Courses are available online and in person. What you learn will apply to your classroom and the work is practical for education today."

"The program has taught me new ways to implement technology in my classroom and make it work for my specific content area."

"The program was designed to be what I NEEDED by allowing students to choose courses that met their needs."

"A great build-your-own degree at the right price!!!"

"I enjoyed being able to connect with like-minded people, while learning 21st century skills that were applicable to my classroom instruction from the comfort of my home."

"The MET program has increased my confidence in using technology in the classroom, and as a result, student engagement has increased."

"I would definitely recommend the MET program to a colleague, as I found the material to be invaluable to my profession as a teacher. The courses were user-friendly, and paced appropriately for my hectic lifestyle."
MET Spotlight: Debra Harte
MET Participant,
Meet Debra, a Special Education teacher in the Chambersburg, PA area school district and a recent graduate of the Master of Educational Technology degree through Wilson College.

Here's a glimpse of Debra's feedback about her experience in the MET program:

We asked Debra,  " How has the MET program helped you to achieve your career goals?" Debra said,   "It's helped me to achieve a new position within my school district that allows me to integrate what I have learned in the MET program. I currently teach Information, Communication and Technology, and firmly believe my students are able to make the connection between what they are learning and how it relates to real life, because technology is such an integral part of their everyday lives."
Instructor Spotlight: Katie Wagaman
Eduspire Instructor,
Get to know us better: Eduspire's top-notch instructors combine experience, skill, insight, and a passion for education. This week's interview features Katie Wagaman —  click here  to read her instructor spotlight profile and learn her favorite ed-tech app and ice cream flavor!

Katie teaches the course, Technology and Students with Autism , online, February 4th.
Winter/Spring Courses Open for Registration

It's the most wonderful time of the start planning your 2019 EdTech resolutions! These January courses should get you started, but be sure to browse them all .
Online January 2 | Instructor: Jason Suter
Online January 13 | Instructor: Mara Linaberger
Online January 13 | Instructor: Jeff Mummert
Online January 20 | Instructor: Allison Mackley
Online January 27 | Instructor: Tara Parr
And many more excellent options!
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Sneak Peek: What's in Store for 2019?
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