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Welcome to the March 2018 EVC newsletter!

As we step into spring, I'm excited to be launching a new series of Friday cohorts. If you are looking to boost your own virtual knowledge and skills join me for the five week  Virtual Facilitation Essentials which will be kicking off on Friday April 6th at 1:15 pm ET. It has now been approved by the International Coach Federation for CCEs  - 8.5 in total (5.5 hours of core competencies and 3 hours others). We cover the foundations and more with creating engaging, and interactive, virtual calls, hosting our sessions on zoom, exploring topics including making the technology work, virtual design for engagement and impact, breakouts/annotation and polls,  I hope that this may be an impetus to join us this session. Call dates for this next session are April 6, 13, 20, 27 and May 3rd. Cost is $450 US. Click here to register and reserve your spot.

This month's newsletter includes 8 tips for creating a more engaging virtual session. I do a lot of work with learning and development professionals who are eager to try something different with their group. We all feel a "disengaged" call, including the facilitator!  Being able to call on these tips at any time is beneficial for everyone. Be sure to save a copy of this month's article! 
  In this month's newsletter you'll find:
  • This month's article on  8 Tips for Creating More Engaged Virtual Sessions
  • Program Announcements for April's new Virtual Facilitation Cohort (starts 4/6) as well as the Coaching Biz Growth Lab (also starts 4/6)
  • A link to the most recent call on Building Trust and Connection Virtually
Resources To Support You In Your Work

 Partnering and Co-Facilitation Questions were posted in my February 2018 Team and Group Coaching Newsletter. Check them out here.

The most recent EVC Community Call on Building Trust and Connection - view it here on YouTube. 

The latest series at the EVC blog is on Skills for Masterful Virtual Facilitators. Check the series here.

Save the Dates! 
Next Effective Virtual Conversations call on Monday April 16th from 11 - 11:30 am ET  - 3 more engaging activities for Virtual Events

For those on the West Coast I will be bringing a 1.5 day team and group coaching session to UBC in Vancouver, BC on June 8 and 9th.

On the 22nd of June I'll be speaking at the ICF Mid-West Conference in Pittsburgh on Expanding the Conversation Virtually. Check out the conference

Article: 8  Ways to Jazz Up Your Next Virtual Event
Keeping things interesting is critical for success in most virtual events. Whether it's a team meeting, virtual sprint,a get it done day or a webinar, interaction and engagement is key. This month's article explores eight quick ways to jazz up your next virtual event. Consider which of these approaches will work best for you and your audience.

#1 - Breakouts: While not every platform has breakouts, those that do allow us to come as close to real-time training environments, with high interactivity, via the use of breakouts. These become a game-changer, and create both a wow and a powerful peer learning opportunity. If you have not yet seen my call on Breakouts that Sizzle, check it out.

#2 - Media Use - Video
Integrating video is a great way to demonstrate things as well as provide an opportunity for a change of pace. Whether you consider integrating your own videos, or curate links to TEDTalks, or YouTube sessions, video is growing in importance, and popularity. Videos are also popular due to the way they connect into the visual channel - and noting that a majority of your team may have a preference for visual channels and approaches.
I'll be covering video production in next month's newsletter. This is a topic we recently covered in the Learning Lab and Design Studio.

#3 - Media Use - Audio
Can't do video, or don't want to? Consider how you might integrate some audio into your work - past presentations or copyright accessible music.

#4 - Hands On/Real-time Work - Get it Done
Creating a pause for those we work with (our team or our clients) is invaluable in today's fast paced world. Even more valuable is when you can combine that in getting things done. It's no surprise that so many people are keen on virtual retreats and "Get it Done" Days. As someone who has led these types of programs for more than a decade, the power of creating space to take action, and benefit from the accountability of others, is immense.

#5 - Annotation
Annotation is an underutilized approach on many platforms. Having people circle, highlight and share their ideas through writing, makes a call more interactive and kinesthetic.

#6 - Polls
One that I know I do'nt use enough is polls. These are available on many platforms, can while most need to be set up in advance, they do provide the opportunity to get input, solicit ideas and make it more interactive.

# 7 - Chat
Most platforms will have chat functionality. Be sure that this can be seen by all, and shared by all, or be sure to read out responses. Chat can be a quick way to get input and solicit ideas.

#8 - Sprints and Hacks
Late last week I hosted a program design sprint as part of the Learning Lab and Design Studio. For 45 minutes we moved through a series of reflective prompts and major steps were taken around program designs. What can you do to create space for abbreviated, sprints?

Looking to learn more about all these different options? Join us in the April Virtual Facilitation Essentials program which will start on Friday April 6th at 1:15 pm ET (Toronto/New York). We'll be meeting from 1:!5 - 2:30 pm ET on April 6, 13, 20, 27 and May 4th. 8.5 CCEs. Click here to learn more and register.

Upcoming Programs:

Reserve your spot in these upcoming programs:
Looking to quickly get oriented on what you need to know about leading more engaging virtual calls? Our  next Virtual Facilitation Essentials five-week teleclass which starts April. Now approved for 7.5 hours of CCEs with the ICF. 
  • The foundations of creating engaging virtual learning (webinars, teleclasses, group and team coaching)
  • The Triad: Building trust, safety and connection
  • Creating Engagement Through Breakouts, Annotation and other techniques
  • Building Your Toolkit - 12 activities for the virtual space
  • Platform considerations
  • Tricky Issues and how to deal with them
Weekly assignments get you taking action on your own virtual programming, whether it is a webinar, virtual group coaching session, or online program. Next group starts April 6th - Fridays 1:15 - 2:30 pm ET

The program includes 5 x 75 interactive webinars,  resource rich module notes, worksheets and some laser 1-1 calls. Cost: $450 US. Space is limited to 6.

Our 2018 spring virtual programs also include:

Monthly Group Coaching Essentials (5 weeks, 8.75 CCEs) next group starts Friday April 20th at 10:15 am ET. Group calls April 20, 27, May 4, 11, and 18, 2018 (8.5 CCEs)

Mentor Coaching Group for ACC/PCC - ICF Coach Credentialing: Mondays 9 - 10 am ET: Monday April 16th running to Mid-July (7 group calls and 3  hours individual calls). Click here to learn more and register.

The Advanced Group and Team Coaching Practicum  (6 weeks, 10 CCEs) - Fridays 11:45 -  1 pm ET: April 6 to end of May (6 weeks)

CoachingBizGrowth Lab - Coaches. Looking to accelerate your business? Join me on Fridays twice a month starting April 6th - Calls 3 - 4pm ET or 7:30- 8:30 am ET. More here.
Teams365 Leadership Lab - A virtual learning community for team leaders

Questions? Please email me or call me at (416)996-8326
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