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Welcome to the February 2019 EVC newsletter!
Welcome back to the February 2019 Effective Virtual Conversations newsletter.

It seems like more and more teams are jumping into the virtual and remote workspace, whether out of necessity as we saw recently where the deep freeze and winter conditions meant that people had to work remote, or whether out of choice.

The interest in this topic is apparent to me in that last month's EVC call on 5 Virtual Team Builders has received a higher than usual amount of traffic.

With this in mind, I wanted to spotlight one area I covered - two exercises for building connection across virtual teams.

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In this month's newsletter you'll find:
  • This month's article on two activities to build connection across your virtual team
  • Links to the EVC community calls and recordings including 5 Virtual Team Builders and this month's Collaborating Virtually
  • Link to a new video highlighting what we cover in the Virtual Facilitation Essentials program - View it here.
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Article:  Two activities to build connection across your virtual group or team

Teams excel when they trust each other and  when they know each other. One of the more common questions I receive is how do you build connection across a virtual and remote team?

This month's article explores two different activities you might incorporate into your work:

Exercise #1 - COINS
This exercise involves team members selecting some change/coins that they have available at their desk (or maybe in their pocket or their briefcase or purse).

First they need to select a coins and then to notice what is the year on that coin.

The invitation is to share one thing about your work, your life, or what you were doing in the world during that year.

So perhaps I picked 2004. That was the year Potentials Realized, my company was started. Maybe I pick a coin that was 2009, which was the first year one of my books was published - Effective Group Coaching, or maybe I picked 2017 and I decided to talk a little bit about releasing Effective Virtual Conversations.

So coins is a lower risk exercise. Hopefully people have materials on hand.
This exercise can be a real conversation starter especially if you are working with a global team. It is interesting for people to show their national coinage. It also gives people a chance to talk a little bit more about how coins operate or how currency operates in their own context.

Exercise #2 - ICONS

Another exercise I use regularly in helping teams get to know each other, and stat to build trust  is sharing a slide which has a variety of icons on it. You will see an example below. While I show this on the screen I have select an icon which represents what they are bringing to the group/team that day or what they are thinking about around the topic we are exploring.

This exercise has the advantage of providing a springboard for some interesting themes to emerge in the conversation.

Here's an example of a recent icons slide I shared. I purchased the original graphic over at Adobe Stock.

What are some of the quick ways you are inviting team members to share more about themselves at team meetings?

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