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Welcome to the May 2020 EVC newsletter!

Welcome back to the April 2020 Effective Virtual Conversations (EVC) newsletter.What have you noticed about how your virtual conversations have changed in the last few months? By now, many are much more confident in using virtual tools, but they may not be as open to "yet another" Zoom call. This month's article is about 4 ways to signal how this is not going to be "just another Zoom call". You'll also find links to two of my digital ebooks geared for Virtual and Remote Teams - the

While last month's focus was all about getting up to speed quickly and leaning into the habits of exceptional virtual facilitators, this month I wanted to take us into making your own calls Memorable. 

Over at the Remote Pathways podcast the most recent episodes have focused on:
Conflict in the Remote Space - Listen in here
Building Trust and Connection in the Remote Space - Episode 13 -
Listen in here.

This Wednesday I will be offering another one day offering of the Virtual Facilitation Essentials program. From 9 - 430 pm ET you'll be building out your virtual toolkit and tools. We'll go through what makes virtual conversations MEMORABLE and IMPACTFUL. Participants lead short practice sessions and get feedback on their skills, as well. The next five week Monday afternoon session running from June 8 - July 6th.

As part of my way of sharing, I've started a daily author reading from Effective Virtual Conversations. You'll find these short 5-7 minute readings over at the site - starting with Day 1 and page 1. We've now covered chapter 1 (Context), Chapter 2 (Foundations), Chapter 3 (Core Skills), Chapter 4 (The Virtual Ecosystem).  Enjoy and please share with others, especially those who might not be able to get a copy of the book themselves. Kindle copies are available of Effective Virtual Conversations, and you can pick up copies of this and PlanDoTrack at Amazon.

I hope that you will find these materials useful, and turn to us to help you make the transition to exceptional virtual conversations, whether it is for you or your organization.

If you haven't checked out recent calls, do check out the following videos:

Mantras of Virtual Work Learning and Leadership
Mantras of Virtual Work Learning and Leadership
Remote Pathways Podcast Community Call 5 21 20 Trust and Connection in the Remote Space
Remote Pathways Podcast Community Call 5 21 20 Trust and Connection in the Remote Space

Remote Work and Teamwork Myths - Community Call April 20 2020
Remote Work and Teamwork Myths - Community Call April 20 2020

For those that work virtually, the latest episode (#12) of the Remote Pathways Podcast is now live. We explore Conflict in the Remote Space. Listen to episode 12 here.

I hope that you will continue to find my monthly newsletter a useful resource to refer to. Drop me an email and let me know what your biggest question is around visual design for virtual calls and I'll highlight the response in a future newsletter! Hit send now and let me know what your question is.

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In this month's newsletter you'll find:
  • This month's article  on 4 ways to signal this is not another zoom call
  • Links to the EVC community calls and recordings
  • Link to a video highlighting what we cover in the Virtual Facilitation Essentials program - View it here.
Resources To Support You In Your Work

Check out the Daily Effective Virtual Conversations Reading at the EVC blog. They are released every week day and run for 5-7 minutes. Listen here.

Recent blog post: Teams365 #2332 - Collaboration in the Remote Space. Read it here.

Recent blog post - Teams365 2304 - Remote Enablers in Focus. Read it here.
6 Things New Remote Workers Need -  
Doing your best work, when working remote -  View it here (30 min) 

The Effective Virtual Conversations Playlist of some of the past calls including the 5 Virtual Team Builders - View it here on YouTube.  
Don't forget to download the templates that accompany the book - If you have your own copy of Effective Virtual Con versations you'll find the code on page x (yes that's x) of the book!

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Also earmark Thursday June 4th at 7am  for the next Remote Pathways Community Call. We'll be joined by Enneagram specialist and podcaster Theresa McCloy. Bring your favorite breakfast beverage and join us to discuss conflict in the remote space. Also held in zoom room 270-302-0415
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Article:  4 ways to signal this just isn't "any Zoom call"
With many in the virutal space becoming "zoom fatigued" and burnt out from virtual calls, it's never been more important for you to distinguish yourself as a masterful virtual faciltiator, one who is cultivating dialogue, connection and providing the best experience for all involved.

With cynicism becoming more common place as some step into meetings, this month's call covers four things you can do quickly to signal that this just isn't "any zoom call" :

#1 - Talk about what people can expect in terms of process and interaction
At the heart of setting the stage for a "different call" is creating clear expectations. Let people know what they can expect and how your call is going to be different. If it's going to be interactive, co-design agreements. Let people know what they can expect and how they may be able to pass if they don't have anything to add.

#2 - Connect people right away with their WIIFM - Connecting people early on with "What's in it for me?" boosts engagement and connectivity. If we don't see a connection with a topic, it's more likely that we will be unfocused or disengaged. Easy ways to connect people are to ask - What's your connection with this topic? or Who here ____ (fill in the blank)?

#3 - Make the start of the call different - Switch up the start. Consider incorporating Video? Story? Breakout?

#4 - Make it visually rich. Icons are a favorite go-to for me, as is converting shorter blog posts into video. I often use Lumen5 to quickly convert content over. What content do you have that can get repurposed quickly?

#5 - Think about the right tool, for the right platform. What's the right tool for the right platform?

For more on this topic, check out this 30 minute call on 6 Activities for Virtual Events. You can view it here.

FILL your DIGITAL toolkit with these DIGITAL LICENSES:

What are the different doorways you could enter with this work?
From innovation, to change to teamwork and goals - virtual conversations take us many places.
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Looking for images to use? Consider picking up the Digital Bundle of the Conversation Sparker Cards - 75 images (including some bonus ones)  from the original Conversation Sparker Deck and 52 Question Cards from the Teams365 deck - $85 US. Digital Download.

You might also add the Digital Journaling Conversation Sparker Cards set on as well (Seen below) -$35 US. Grab your digital jpgs here. 

Upcoming programs to support you with your own virtual programming:
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