Lifestyle tips to boost the efficiency of your immune system

Our amazing immunity has evolved over millions of years to protect the body from the daily attacks from bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. It constantly has to evolve in response to new threats such as the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Immune deficiency can increase the risk of infection and cancer, whereas an exaggerated immune response can result in allergies, autoimmune diseases or over time, a state of  chronic inflammation which leads to chronic degenerative disorders such as dementia,  Dupuytren's and  arthritis.

Lifestyle factors which can harm immunity

  • Early aging >>
  • Smoking and pro-inflammatory toxins >>
  • Obesity and metabolic syndrome >>
  • Poor gut health, food intolerances >>
  • Alcoholic binges >>
  • Processed sugar >>
  • Psychological stress >>
Lifestyle factors which can help immunity
  • Regular moderate exercise (preferably outdoors) >>
  • Adequate mineral intake in food >>
  • Adequate but not excess vitamin intake >>
  • Good dietary omega 3 and 6 intake >>
  • High polyphenol intake >>
  • A healthy microbiota in skin, mucous membranes and gut >>
  • A good quality probiotic supplements >>
  • A prebiotic rich diet >>
  • Hot and cold showers >>
  • More house plants >>>

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