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Research: Management of Long Standing IVDD
Comparison of decompressive surgery, electroacupuncture, and decompressive surgery followed by electroacupuncture for the treatment of dogs with intervertebral disk disease with long-standing severe neurologic deficits

There is general consensus within the veterinary community that decompressive surgery is the best first option for the management of IVDD for cases with an onset within 48 hours, which we at TOPS wholeheartedly agree with.  However, for patients beyond the 48 hour window, the success of surgery is significantly reduced.  To investigate options for these cases, a 2010 research study published in the Journal of the AVMA compared the effectiveness of decompressive surgery, electroacupuncture, and decompressive surgery followed by electroacupuncture.  The result of the study showed that "the proportion of dogs with clinical success was significantly higher for dogs that underwent [electroacupuncture] (15/19) than for dogs that underwent [decompressive surgery] (4/10); the proportion of dogs with clinical success for dogs that underwent [decompressive surgery] + [electroacupuncture] was intermediate (8/11)."

There are a number of reasons why a patient may not get a surgical intervention within 48 hours.  In those cases, acupuncture is certainly a very viable option.

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Featured Employee:  Carrie (Mahoney) Parker
Treatment Specialist, CCRA
Our featured employee this month is also the newest employee to undergo a name change, Carrie Parker (formerly Carrie Mahoney).  Congrats Carrie!

Growing up just minutes from TOPS, Carrie joined our team as a Kennel Assistant in 2005 at the young age of just 16.   Passionate about the field of rehabilitation, she set her goal of moving from the Kennel Assistant position into a position directly impacting the recovery of our patients.  As such, she was promoted from her Kennel Assistant position to a Treatment Assistant position a short while later.  After being in that position for a couple years, she wanted to take this one step further, and undertook the challenge of becoming certified in rehabilitation.  In 2013 she achieved that goal when she passed her certification as a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant (CCRA) from Canine Rehabilitation Institute

Earlier this month, Carrie got married to her fiance Jake.  Carrie and Jake share their new house with their two dogs: Tag, pictured above, a Duck Tolling Retriever and Koa, a Black Lab. 

Carrie stays pretty active when not working, during which time she finds time to enjoy recreational volleyball, boating with friends, fishing and working on their new home.

For those that know Carrie, you will know that she brings not only a spark of enthusiasm and fun to TOPS, but a professionalism and knowledge our clients have come to depend on.  Carrie has been an integral part of the TOPS team for over 11 years now, and we are looking forward to another 11 with her on board!

Lunch & Learn Opportunity
Let us show you how we evaluate a new patient
Do you want to learn firsthand what happens when you send a patient to TOPS for a rehabilitation assessment?  Let us show you with one of your own staff dogs.  One of our associate veterinarians will come in, conduct an abbreviated version of our Comprehensive Evaluation, and explain as they go along what they are doing, what they are looking for, and why they are doing it.  This will give you and your staff a great feel for the comprehensive manner in which we evaluate your patients, how we can help them, and also give you an opportunity to ask questions about the rehabilitation process.

Interested?  Send an email to tom@tops-vet-rehab.com and we can set this up.  We are currently scheduling for early Fall.
Proud to Be Independent for Over 17 Years!
In these days of mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, TOPS is proud that it stands alone not only as the leader in veterinary rehabilitation, but as an unaffiliated, independent practice.  We leave the puppy exams, spays & neuters, medical issues, and radiology to you, the referring veterinary community, where they belong.  This allows us to focus on things like physical rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation and pain management.  For over 17 years we have held as a steady belief that the patient is best served in an arrangement such as this.  At TOPS we focus 100% of our attention to only the physical rehabilitation and associated services to help your patients both recover from injuries as well as prevent injuries.

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