February 2018 | 2 nd Edition
The City Will Be Busy in FY19
"The City staff is now putting together projects and a major purchasing plan for our Fiscal Year 2019 that begins May 1st. We include every planned purchase and project that will exceed $5,000 in cost in our Capital Improvements Plan (CIP). You can view our CIP on our City website. Each year, the City Council adopts a new CIP in April. The City staff utilizes the plan to complete approved projects and purchases throughout the year. This year our proposed plan includes $345,000 worth of vehicles, $547,750 of equipment, and $11,075,936 of projects. It is going to be a very productive year for the City team."
Effing Brew Pub Liquor License
Change Approved
Effing Brew Pub was approved for a Class R-1 Liquor License at a previous City Council Meeting. The owners have now met the State of Illinois requirements for a brew pub liquor license and were desirous of upgrading the current license to a Class BP Liquor License.

Effing Brew Pub will be opening its doors in the beginning of March in Downtown Effingham.
Regulating Mobile Food Service Establishments
Assistant Fire Chief Kulesza presented the Council with an Ordinance that would provide the ability to license and regulate mobile food service establishments in the City.

It was noted the update is in regard to safety, as the City has seen an increase in events. The Ordinance defines a mobile food service establishment, along with covering the application process, operation requirements, and more.

Water Rate Study
Every four years the City conducts a water rate study to propose the necessary rate adjustments, which will be set for the next four years. Public Works Director Steve Miller informed the Council at the February 20, 2018 City Council Meeting that after using the same model as previous years and reviewing both retail and wholesale rates, they have come up with a modest, but fiscally responsible water rate increase.

It was noted that the City tries to keep rates as low as possible. Sewer rates would come at a later time.

Employee Recognition Program
Employee of the Quarter: Jayne Miller
Jayne Miller from the Public Works Department was awarded Employee of the Quarter for the 3rd quarter of FY18. Jayne will now be in the running for Employee of the Year.
 Chief's Accommodation Awards
Chief Fuesting presented the Chief's Accommodation Awards to Telecommunicators Pharabe Norman, Jordan Ping, and Danielle Flowers (not pictured) for their work in developing a training manual for the Telecommunicators.
Reports From City Staff
Keep Gutters and Ditches Clean
to Avoid Backups
The leaves have fallen, however, they often end up in City gutters and ditches that cause water backups even in the winter.

Please be mindful of proper water drainage at your home and business by keeping leaves and debris inward and away from the street.

The City operates a street sweeper daily, except throughout the winter months which are not favorable to the equipment’s normal operations.
Event Season is Around the Corner
Are you planning an event in the City of Effingham on public property this year? All events held on City property are required to submit a Special Event Application, along with a Certificate of Insurance at least 45 days prior to the date of the event. After your application is approved, you will be granted a Special Event Permit for the event. This ensures the City is made aware and your event can run smoothly.

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