February 2018 | 1 st Edition
City Budget Preparation In Progress 
"The administrative team is actively working on creating a balanced budget for the City. Our next Fiscal Year begins on May 1st, 2018. We call this fiscal year FY19 since it ends on April 30, 2019. We are currently in the process of planning for projects and purchases for the entire year and identifying projects and purchases that will be coming up within the next five years. We work hard to insure that our planned expenditures (the money we plan on spending) does not exceed our revenues (the amount of money that we have on hand and that we plan to receive during the year.) When we do this we insure that we have a balanced budget. If you ever wonder about your City’s budget, you can access it on our City website www.effinghamil.com . We also review our financial activity every quarter and place a report on our activities on our website as well for you to review and consider. In the future, we hope to make our financial reporting even more transparent, by placing our financial activities on a citizen portal. This will provide a periodic update on our spending in a very user-friendly format. We hope to roll out the Citizen Portal in 2019."
Amendment to Municipal Code
Defines Abandoned Gas Stations
as a Public Nuisance
The City Council recently approved an amendment to the City of Effingham's Municipal Code declaring abandoned gas stations as a public nuisance.

This regulation details what defines a location as abandoned, explains what notice the City will have to give to enforce it, and the necessary steps for a location to come into compliance.

This amendment was passed at the February 6, 2018 City Council Meeting.
City Adds Efficiency & Transparency
with Software Purchase
Purchases of TimeClock Plus and Munis software were approved at the February 6, 2018 City Council Meeting.

TimeClock Plus is a cloud-based software for employee time-keeping and attendance. The new software will reduce cost, increase employee accountability, and streamline the entire payroll process for the City.

Munis is an administrative software comprised of five main modules: financials, revenues, human resources, capital project/assets, and citizen services. The implementation of these five modules will enhance our internal and external services.

Munis and TimeClock Plus will streamline the City’s services and provide transparency to our citizens. We plan to implement both programs over the next 12 months.
February is Heart Health Month
Mayor Bloemker Proclaimed February 2018 as Heart Health Month. Members of HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital and Prairie Heart Institute at St. Anthony’s were present for the proclamation.
Employee Recognition Program
Special Act Award: Mike French
Mike French from the Department of Public Works received a Special Act Award for going above and beyond his normal duties to assist our residents during our most recent sanitary sewer cleaning project. He was nominated for this award by his supervisor City Engineer Jeremy Heuerman. 
StangARTs Presented with
Business Appreciation Award
Owner Jamie Stang Ellis, her husband Tim Ellis, and StangARTs staff members were present for the Business Appreciation Award. The City would like to thank StangARTs for all they do for the Effingham Community!
Reports From City Staff
Citizen Reminder: Check Your Deck
Deck safety is important. Residential and commercial decks should be inspected regularly – at a minimum annually. Issues to look for include:

  • Split or decaying wood
  • Loose or corroded fasteners
  • Loose, decaying, or damaged decking boards
  • Stairs and rails openings should not be greater than 4”
  • Secure railings, keep stairs clear
  • If present, check lighting and electrical components along with grills, fire pits, and chimneys for potential hazards

Recycling Survey Results Presentation
Effingham Recycles will be presenting their survey findings on Effingham citizens interest in having recycling services in the community.

The presentation will take place at Effingham Public Library on Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 6 p.m.

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