March 11, 2022
SMACNA Applauds Long Overdue Effort by Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division to Seek Constructive Reforms to Update and Enhance Enforcement the Davis-Bacon Act
March 11, 2022 - Chantilly, VA

The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association (SMACNA) is supported by more than 3,500 construction firms specializing in industrial, commercial, residential, architectural and specialty sheet metal and air conditioning construction in public and private markets throughout the United States. SMACNA members and allied quality driven contractors understand that any major investment in public infrastructure should recognize the extreme importance and value in prevailing wages as part of any quality based public procurement policy. From decades of experience SMACNA member firms understand the merit in a procurement policy that encourages employers to provide a skilled workforce quality wages, benefits, and training.  
SMACNA contractors and chapter executives have long been strong and outspoken advocates for Davis-Bacon regulatory reforms. We appreciate that prevailing wage laws seek to prevent the federal government from undermining local economies and prevailing local employment and training practices by reflecting local conditions. We offer the Department of Labor our robust support for their long overdue efforts to reflect the views of federal contractors featuring the most skilled workforce that bid and win federal contracts every day. Our firms well understand the shortcomings of the Act since misguided and outdated reforms were made decades ago seemingly designed to limit the effectiveness of the Act and its clear and specific statutory intent. Many of these so-called reforms in the past undermined the intent of the Act and led to the frustration of those most supportive of paying prevailing wages and boosting registered apprenticeship. 
SMACNA members appreciate DOL’s tireless efforts to reform the Davis-Bacon Act and offer to provide the Wage and Hour Division with our best counsel and input as they carefully reconsider the critical role prevailing wage standards play in expanding a well-trained, highly skilled, and productive construction workforce.
Cal/OSHA Regulates First Aid Kits
A decade-old proposal to update Cal/OSHA’s rules for first-aid kits has finally seen the light of day. The Standards Board has published proposed revisions to the Construction and General Industry safety orders, and is taking comment until April 21st, when it will hold a public hearing.

The hearing is scheduled to be in-person at Oakland’s Harris State Building, with a teleconferencing option. But the hearing will become teleconference-only if Governor Gavin Newsom renews his emergency order mandating remote state meetings. The Governor’s order will expire at the end of this month when Covid will apparently magically disappear – or not.

While the petitioner who got this all started says the revisions will aid compliance, he wonders why it took so long to see this relatively simple rulemaking effort through to completion.

Interesting and Long History
The revisions to Construction Safety Orders §1512(c) and General Industry Safety Orders §3400(c) have been sought as far back as 2006, and more recently in 2010 when Ricardo Beas, safety representative for Paychex in San Diego petitioned the Board to remove a provision requiring physicians to approve all workplace first-aid kits. Beas reasoned that it is difficult for consulting physicians to be sufficiently familiar with the all the risks in a workplace to make “knowledgeable decisions” on what the kits must contain.

That led to an advisory committee that met in 2011, which concluded that employers are primarily responsible for assessing workplace risks, and that first-aid materials appropriate to those risks must be provided whether or not an outside expert has been consulted.

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