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Restrictions...helpful or detrimental?

In a year of incredible uncertainty, the government has continued to implement policy that affects hiring.

The current administration is increasing restrictions on those with a work visa. In early May, a group of US Senators asked President Trump to suspend the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program. OPT allows international students in the STEM field to work in the US for up to three years post-graduation and allow employers to capitalize on fresh talent. In the last few years, we've seen more companies in the Electrical Industry refusing to hire H-1B visa holders. And H-1B visa holders reluctant to job changes and/or visa extensions being denied. With the OPT program as the probable next target, this creates an increased uncertainty of job talent availability (to fulfill the skills gap). But the Trump administration has decided to increase limits for H-1B and H-2B, plus certain H-4s, J and L visas to minimize job competition for American citizen ...

Moving Forward: Work from Home

We surveyed 30 clients and candidates asking about the lasting impact of the pandemic. The surveyors are present in one of the four verticals we serve, across the US. Despite the negativity surrounding COVID-19, we're seeing companies adopting long term changes. The majority of the surveyors agreed that their company's work from home policy would change indefinitely...whether it was increasing work from home (WFH) days, moving some positions to 100% remote and/or creating more WFH flexibility. We also found that... READ MORE

CONGRATULATIONS to the following individuals on their promotion:

Anthony Neckopulos - VP Sales Western US/Canada - Startek
Dagmara Nowak - Senior Associate - Tillotson Design Associates
Renil Singh - Product Management Director- Osram

CONGRATULATIONS to the following individuals on their company move:

Andy Burns - VP Business Development - Smith Lighting Sales
Ariel Labra  -  Outside Sales -  Lighting Systems
Byron Pippon  - Distributor & Contractor Sales - Architectural Sales & Illumination
Christopher Martin  - Manufactures Sales Rep - Richard Alan & Associates
Fred Skinner  - Outside Sales Rep - S later Lighting
Grace Bonnelly - Director of Product Development - Brilli (Lucidity Lights Co.)
Jennifer Smith  - VP of Product Development - Lucidity Lights
John Bruening  - Sales Specialist - Hawkins Sales
John Hartnett  - Sr. VP Sales - Lucidity Lights
John Sloane  - Lighting Design Intern - Lam Partners
Kent Mummau - Regional Sales Manager - Filamento Lighting
Kurt Palmer - Key Account Representative - Musco Lighting
Liz Bock  - Regional Sales Manager - Moda Light
Marla Martinez - Territory Sales Lead - Lutron Electronics
Tim Huth  - Sr. Lighting Designer - Luma Lighting
Umesh Baheti  - VP of Product Management, Engineering & Supplier Relations - Maxlite
Wanda Adams   Strategic Accounts, Business Development Manager -  Energy Focus

- CRO, Lamps Manufacturer
- VP Engineering, Lighting Fixtures Manufacturer
- CEO, LED Lighting Manufacturer
- CTO, LED Lighting Manufacturer
- CEO, Kiefer Signs
- CEO, Mid-Plains Power
- CIO, Focal Point Lighting
- President, LED Lighting Manufacturer
- VP, Engineering - LED Lighting Manufacturer
- Engineering Director - Cree
- Director of Sales - SloanLED
- Engineering Manager - Cree
- VP of Sales/Marketing - RP Lighting
Ted Konnerth
Chairman of the Board

30 year electrical industry veteran, professional retained recruiter, leadership expert.
Speaker, commentator, writer and consultant to the electrical industry at large.

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