Rob Wieska
Power Distribution, Automation & Renewables Technologies Recruiter

Rob is an Executive Recruiter specializing in Power Distribution and Automation Technologies. He regularly blogs for Egret Consulting's website as well as industry related topics on LinkedIn and other social media.


I’m not going to suggest 2020 was ‘challenging’. 2020 had aspects that were flat out dreadful. There’s no way to sugar coat or spin it. Everybody was faced with varying degrees of adversity. For those severely affected, my thoughts and prayers are with you. As we enter the Holiday Season, a silver lining to 2020 is this Thanksgiving brings a deeper, authentic and genuine meaning. I know I’ve hugged my loved ones a little tighter this year and have counted my blessings more than usual. I no longer take the ‘small stuff’ for granted. Everything is a gift. Truly. I’d like to share my appreciation for each of you. I was blown away this year, that despite the countless barriers that existed in our professional lives, I was consistently met with sincere positivity and professionalism. I appreciate the opportunity to ‘talk’ to more of you this year than ever before. Our new work from home ‘norm’ opened doors to many more old fashioned, and openly meaningful conversations. I got to know so many of you on a more personal level – we talked about our kids, spouses, parents, interests, hobbies, etc. It was refreshing. We got back to basics and found new ways to conduct business. Many have shared that their year ended up being quite strong – a testament to our ability to transform as needed. I’ve learned this year that you’re all more than professional contacts to me. The electrical industry is a community by definition. A wonderful community. I’m Thankful to be a part of this community and look forward to many more great conversations with each of you into 2021 and beyond! Happy Thanksgiving!

Given how much has changed since March, Egret Consulting decided to poll our VP – C level contacts to get sense of how this pandemic has affected the electrical industry’s sales and marketing strategies. We greatly appreciate the many responses and have summarized the data below:

Are customers most interested in price or a solution?
53% responded that solution is what customers are looking for most. They identified end users, specifiers, system integrators, and EPC firms are more focused on a custom solution to a unique application over price. These customers find value adds, good / shortened lead times, product functionality, service and design as most important. Customers are looking for a resource, someone that can get them what they need whether or not they offer it. They work with certain (higher priced) manufacturers because of the relationship and quality of their products. Sales on the solution side should be focused on the problem / application and figuring out what the customer’s need is and where the applications is currently underserved by the competition. Of course, while focusing on the ROI.
Power Distribution, Automation & Renewables Technologies
 Career Opportunities

Mechanical Engineer - Power Distribution Mfr
VP Operations - Energy Efficiency Smart Technology Solutions
Sales Director - Energy Efficiency Smart Technology Solutions
VA/VE Project Manager - Drives and Controls Mfr
Director of Engineering - Drives and Controls Mfr
Plant Manager - Power Distribution Manufacturer
Heat Trace Sales Manager - Industrial Automation Mfr
Business Development Manager - Power Distribution Mfr
National Sales Manager - Power Supplies Manufacturer
National Sales Manager - Controls Manufacturer
Applications Engineer - Power Equipment Distribution Mfr
Marketing Manager - Electrical Equipment Manufacturer