Tour Sacred Egypt
The Emerald Pathway
October 5 - October 18, 2019

Has sacred Egypt been beckoning you? Come and explore Sacred Egypt with Mystic Finbarr Ross on a journey which awakens and feeds your soul as we traverse this sacred land on a spiritual adventure, using the power of scent and sound to unlock memories, activate consciousness and release hidden alchemical secrets.

Egypt is an experience like no other. We invite you to join us for a mystical, magical scent and sound journey of awakening, the experience of a lifetime as we cruise the Nile on a luxurious cruise ship and greet the morning with a sacred ceremony between the paws of the Sphinx. On this ultimate journey of awakening, we will:

Cruise the Nile River Aboard 'The Moon Goddess'
Visit the King's Chamber and Sphinx on a Private Tour
Walk in the Energy Field at Abu Ghurab
Participate in Meditations and Ceremonies
Visit the Temples of Isis and Horus
Explore Abydos and the Gate of the Gods
Discover the Hidden Texts of the Afterlife
... and much, much more!  

  Sacred Tour of Egypt                                            October 5 - October 18, 2019
Journey deep into the heart and spirit of Ancient Egypt.  On this mystical spiritual adventure, we invite you to come and embrace the wisdom of the Egyptian culture, its land, people, and rituals - with the scents and sounds that empowered the ancient holy ones through rites of passages and ceremonies that will now empower us.

As we walk this inspiring land with likeminded people, we experience the footsteps of the ancient ones, visiting timeless temples and exploring the mystical wonders of spiritual Egypt...
 .......Opening the pathway of the heart to the next level of Awakened Consciousness.......

Blessings, love and peace,


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