Egypt 2016 Mission Trip Report
November 2016, CMANA sent a Mission Trip to Egypt, with the Grace of God and the support of 20 healthcare care medical professionals and servants: more than 2,500 patients were examined and treated:   
  • Surgery team: Performed about 55 surgeries:
       - 15 were laparoscopic surgeries
       - 21 Hernias
       - 19 Minor surgeries

  • 36 Cardiac catheterization were performed
       - 33 Coronary stents were placed   

  • Pediatric team: Examined and treated about 1,500 patients

  • Medicine team: Examined and treated more than 1,000 patients

  • Dentists team: Examined & treated 54 dental patient, 120 procedures, including cleanings, fillings, extractions, one bridge, one crown, night guard appliances and crossbite appliance

  • Pain management team: they did around 250 office visits and performed around 50 procedures

"God sent me a lot of messages when I was there. I went to heal but I got healed and I came back with tons of blessings. " Dr. Emad Ghabious, Anesthesiology 

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Share the blessing of this amazing opportunity to serve our sisters and brothers in  Namibia  by your  financial support  for our next mission trip to Namibia in February.

We appreciate your support throughout the past years
May The Lord reward you abundantly.  


CMANA Support Team