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Egypt/Khemet description


Ancient Egypt is the birthplace of civilization, which means it’s the place where humanity began its developmental processes, in particular the path for spiritual growth. The temples along the Nile River have been likened to Universities of the Universe. Each temple represents a different path or journey the awakened must travel in order to achieve an understanding of the Divine, and hopefully enlightenment.  

For thousands of years, the NTRU/Gods of Egypt have imposed their mystique over an all encompassing tapestry of HyperNTR-EL magic, that no man has decoded till this day. the megalithic structures evade and defy explanation. therefore much of what is available about the origins of the Giza pyramid is speculative.

One thing is clear, Tehuti/Lord Thoth has presided over the Galighticus movement and has embed it with an array of higher dimensional powers that have produced a dazzling cache of public testimonials from people all around the world. People have had the Sun increase 3 fold right over their heads in 10 seconds or less. as well as many people seeing Tehuti/Lord Thoth himself in their visions and dreams. Some outright as he is super imposed over the avatar of SRI Master Gano Grills

It is imperative that people of color have our own sources of history. We also need our own Egyptologists, Anthropologists and Historians of the African experience. Most importantly, we, as descendants of the people of ancient Khemet (Egypt), must show an interest in our past so that the rest of the world will not attempt to “black” it out. This is why we should visit Khemet (Egypt) and proclaim to the world that we are aware of our great past and that the era of our legacy being eradicated is over.
  • Airfare and hotel accommodations
  • Breakfast daily
  • Dinner daily while in Egypt only
  • All tours & entrance fees (except for those that are stated as optional)
  • English speaking guides (tips are not included)

  • $4600.00 for double occupancy (Per person)
  • $5500.00 for single occupancy
  • HyperNTR-EL Magic Seminar (Additional$450)
  • Kundalini Reiki Activation (Additional$450)

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Each traveler must have:
  • A valid passport that is not due to expire at least 6 months before travel
  • Egyptian Visa
  • Signed release form
  • Completed online registration form
  • A non-refundable deposit of $300 by December 10th, 2018
  • Payments for Galighticus events MUST be made as one full payment for each event.
  • Please include in the PayPal notes your name, email & purpose of payment

All payments must be finalized by January 10th 2019
About the Galighticus Movement
Spiritual Consultation Kundalini Reiki Attunements and...

Before the beginning began, our Creator designed your spirit and gave it a name. Then a subdivision of that spirit, along with the help of certain gods, created the engine of your soul. Now a fraction of your soul is locked into your physical body.

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One of the hundreds of testimonials experienced by people from around the globe:

Meru Marangu

Good Day Galighticus family & Sri Master Gano Grills. I have had a vision that keeps replaying every day for about 2 weeks now. At this point I am questioning if it is a vision. Never had one repeat before or replay - Ever. It happened in the mourning after I woke up and did my meditation. 

I was asking my divine parents for help and protection. I then saw myself standing on a black surface in a empty / black space. Then I saw something in the distance zooming towards me. It was Lord Thoth & he stood behind me. He was about 9ft tall (My head was around his waist). Then I saw something again in the distance coming from another my right side zooming in fast. It was Yemaya & she was huge like the size of a building. She was in the form of a mermaid with a blue tail.  Then my attention was drawn to another figure that zoomed in on my left side. It was Sri Master. I was about to ask SMGG what was happening ... I saw Lord Thoth pull something black from behind me. I then fell backwards and was floating in between the four of them. 

For the next week I kept feeling this itching feeling in the middle of my shoulders where this thing was pulled from. The vision kept repeating the same everyday until today. Today everyone w s standing around they and me already where all huge like giants and I was like a ant standing in between them. I have never seen SMGG & Lord Thoth in same space before. Was like seeing Superman and Clark Kent in same room.
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Galighticus Invocation & Modalities

Our  GALIGHTICUS community  has been given many modalities that will assist in the world's ascension as well as enlightenment. We are the only community on the planet who has a covenant with 22 of the Universe's most important Divine beings.

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Remember, the Galighticus brand is 1000% more effective than any other on Earth. Why? Because we actually have a heavenly covenant with the Gods whom control the frequency of wealth on this world and others.

We offer a wide array of spiritual modalities that empower the user who wishes to dedicate their time to creating and foster a connection with the divine.
We have over  150 FREE videos   on YouTube that provide a great simplistic understanding of the most complex spiritual themes and teachings not found anywhere else.

SRI Master Gano Grills is a world class spiritual advisor to our world. He has activated the kundalini of over 1000 people and has taught seminars all over the world.  His teachings are expansive ground breaking information that come directly from the Gods who control this section of the Universe.  These Gods have been protecting the 3rd dimension of humanity since the great fall of Atlantis. There is enough public record from 2011 till the present to suggest that the God NTR   Lord Thoth/Tehuti  actually walks and teaches among us.

This explains why many of the Galighticus followers have seen him in their visions, dreams and thoughts. Lord Ganesha and Lord Thoth are one in the same. Different pantheons, same being.

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