Dynamite solutions to give big effects in a small space
I love to do small spaces where I can condense my energy into a compact environment that can explode with life and livingness for people.

This blog post is about a small space that I want to share that packs some high impact improvements. Like a refibulator, my team brought this small apartment back to life.
Photo 1 Before
Photo 2 After

The plan was to brighten the floors, with an easy-care, hard-wearing laminate. Walls were painted in the brightest eggshell finish in the deck called, “highly reflective white”.

Since this was a resell, I imagined an avid home cook, enjoying the clean quartz countertops, growing herbs on the shelf above the sink and having a prolific kitchen garden out on the patio. See Kitchen close up in Part II.

The black hardware and Trinsic Series faucets and fittings by Delta, have a classic yet
industrial vibe. When coupled with the classic subway tile and charcoal coloured grout, it’s hip and again easy to clean. The heads of the faucets are the patented Touch-Clean surface.
Photo 3
Adding Extra Storage
Photo 4

How we maximized the storage beautifully:
1) Took the doors off the bedroom closet. Added open shelves and LED puck lighting to expand the space.

2) Added closet organizers in the main closet to expand hanging space with an LED light.

3) Installed upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling in the kitchen.

4) Installed a tall coat cabinet in the entry.

5) Installed a mirrored LED medicine-chest, two shelves in the bathroom, and four shower shelves in the tub area.
See Photos 4 and 5

Other space makers:
6) Full-height glass-panel french doors to enclose the bedroom not only gives privacy, they enlarge the rooms by reflecting light but do not block the light. (See 1st photo above) So they act like another window.

7) Entry and vanity cabinets are on 5” legs to allow kick space underneath to be used for more storage.

8) We used all the available space in the kitchen. Only when you order custom cabinets can you get unusual drawer sizes, and extra shelves, or modifications to cabinets that go a long way to expanding space.
Photo 5

All the cabinets in this apartment are from Hertco. I’m proud of my 11 year authorized dealership relationship with this genuine quality cabinet maker. The many textured melamines, Greenlams, woods and painted cabinets offers me a rainbow of choices to help you communicate your own look that is your style and vision.

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