Using the book 
When Awareness Becomes Natural
by Sayadaw U Tejaniya.

This book offers a fresh look at meditation practice.  U Tejaniya’s approach embraces the life of ordinary people who are dealing with the challenges of living. He came and went from monastic life and has much to say about depression, attachment, freedom and living fully with mindfulness. 

 “It is refreshing to hear the liberating teachings of the Buddha taught in a way that is simple, nondogmatic, practical, and suitable for our times, our place, our lives. U Tejaniya is just such a teacher. He discourages ambitious spiritual athleticism. He cautions us from becoming meditative technicians. He doesn’t mistake experience for wisdom. He points out the danger of seduction by emotions and by attachment to false promises of “spiritual goodies,” such as calm, concentration, clarity, and joy.”    Steve Armstrong in the forward to When Awareness Becomes Natural

This is an opportunity to dive more deeply into your meditation both on and off the cushion.

Each session will consist of meditation, dharma talk, questions, sharing and discussion. 

Robert Beatty is a member of the first wave of Theravada Buddhist teachers who brought Mindfulness from Asia in the 1970’s. His life is devoted to helping others discover the profound ways Buddhist practices can transform one’s life, reduce suffering and create happiness.

Robert founded the Portland Insight Meditation Community where he is the guiding teacher.

​His meditation training began with Goenka in India in 1972. He has studied with many teachers in Burma, India and the US. Robert was empowered to teach the Dharma by Ruth Denison in 1983. He has worked with thousands of students and created a unique synthesis of Buddhist methods of awakening and healing and those of western psychotherapy. He works with individuals and leads retreats in British Columbia, Canada, Oregon, and Washington.
Robert has a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University in Toronto, and a Masters in Social Work from Portland State University. 
Robert uses humor, movement, music, poetry and drumming to teach meditation for everyday life, including intimate relationships, parenting, work and our relationship to the greater community. You can get a sense of his teachings with a recent podcast interview HERE.
Robert is a husband, father, grandfather, poet, musician, skier, lover of mountains and is fully engaged with life.