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December 2, 2019

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Eight children died in vehicle drownings over holiday weekend
resqmeemergency safety tool could prevent future tragedies
Over the holiday weekend, at least eight children died in vehicles that became submerged in water. president and founder, Janette Fennell said, “It is impossible to imagine what these families are going through after the tragic loss of their children. The resqme™ tool is something that everyone can carry on their keychain and in their vehicles to help make sure they are prepared to act quickly when mere seconds count.”

On Thanksgiving, a vehicle crashed into a pond in Belleview, KS. Two adults in the vehicle were able to escape, but they were unable to get the 4 children out. The children, Ronald (12), Travis (9), Moses (4) and Axton (8 months), all died at the scene. One of the adults was the children’s mother who is hospitalized with injuries from the crash.

The following day (11/29), a vehicle carrying seven children and two adults was swept away by floodwater in Gila County, AZ. Three of the seven children went missing and two have been confirmed deceased.

On Saturday (11/30), a vehicle carrying three children was swept away in flood waters in Bollinger County, MO. An 8-year-old and a 5-year-old boy drowned, while a 2-year-old was injured. , is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to saving children’s lives in and around vehicles. The organization encourages all drivers to carry the resqme™ emergency safety tool on their keys at all times to be prepared in emergency situations like these. The life-saving tool allows you to easily cut a jammed seat belt and break the side windows of a vehicle . It is available on their website for less than $8 each.

When a vehicle becomes submerged in water, occupants may have less than 60 seconds to escape before pressure from the water surrounding the vehicle becomes too great to open a door or even break out a window. Water can cause the vehicle’s electrical system to short out, preventing electric windows from opening.

Below is the order of actions to take to escape a submerged vehicle quickly and efficiently;

1. Seat belt: take it off or cut if necessary using the resqme™ tool

2. Windows: open or break side window using the resqme™ tool

3. Children/passengers: undo their restraints oldest to youngest

4. Out: through the window, children first
Below are some additional tips for drivers:

1. Always have a resqme™ tool on your keys or zip tied within reach inside your vehicle.

2. If you have a keyless ignition, be sure to zip tie your resqme™ tool where you can reach it if your seat belt is jammed. (Keys that are not secured in an ignition can fly through the vehicle in a crash.)

3. Consider securing a resqme™ tool within reach of back seat passengers as well. If the driver is unconscious, this allows back seat passenger to aide and escape.

4. Immediately upon entering water, take the steps to escape detailed above as quickly as possible. Review these steps with your children and family members. It is important to know them well because in an emergency situation you may not be able to think clearly.

###   is a national nonprofit dedicated to saving the lives of young children and pets in and around vehicles. The organization is devoted to eliminating vehicle-related risks that were previously unrecognized through data collection, research and analysis, public education and awareness programs, policy change, product redesign and supporting families to channel their grief into positive change. These everyday incidents include being run over, hot car deaths, carbon monoxide poisoning, car theft with children/animals inside, falls, knocking cars into gear, drowning inside vehicle, underage drivers, power window strangulation, trunk entrapment, etc.