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June 7, 2017

Pup with dad
Eight red wolf pups - and how they grew

In 2016, five red wolf pups were born at Wolf Haven (four survived).  The following spring, eight red wolf pups were born - TO THE SAME PARENTS! F1945 (Nash) and M1482 (Tala) are now the proud parents of twelve offspring. This family of 14 wolves resides in three enclosures at our sanctuary.

In 1980, red wolves were declared biologically extinct in the wild. Captive breeding of the endangered red wolf began in 1977 and the first federally managed release back into the wild took place in 1987. 

Wolf Haven's involvement
I n 2003, Wolf Haven was approved to participate in the program as a  captive  breeding facility in a Species Survival Plan program for these critically endangered wolves.  We follow strict rules and guidelines for their care and maintenance. Interaction with humans is kept to a minimum and most observations are done by remote camera.

Today, 30 years later, there are still fewer than 50 wild red wolves -  all in North Carolina. USFWS has suspended release of further wolves into the wild and is currently reviewing the program. As Wolf Haven awaits their decision, we watch these pups explore, grow and bond with their older siblings and parents. 

Click Here if you would like to contribute toward the care and feeding of these eight additional mouths. As you can see in this video, growing pups are hungry!  

Wolf Haven on the news

Wolf Haven was surprised and honored to learn the results of channel  King 5's Best Northwest Escapes contest.

Thank you for selecting Wolf Haven International as the Best Wildlife Sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest. See Video.

Wolf Haven on the road

Wolf Haven staff join other educational groups on Thursday, June 8, in Pasco, WA for Wolf Education and Research Center's (WERC) free, day-long wildlife conservation event.
12-year old wolf killed
12-year old wolf killed in Yellowstone
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