Dear Good People of St. Paul's,

This is the eighth of our monthly updates about important transitions at St. Paul’s in worship, the Search Committee work, and progress on the reconstruction. We hope you will find the information encouraging and that it will prompt many questions.

Susan N. Eaves , Interim Rector
Jane Nelson , Senior Warden
Lee Switz , Junior Warden

Worship News

We observed Advent and celebrated Christmas in Scott Hall and rose to the challenges of tight space, pageant choreography, decorations, candles, and all associated considerations. It was a joyous and splendid evening, and we want to extend our warmest thanks to all the many helpful hands who made that possible!

Now, as we near the prospect of re-entry to the renovated space in the church building, many are eager to retain the sense of renewed fellowship and intimacy which has been generated in worship in recent months. The pattern of worship will remain much the same until the new Rector arrives, as described in an earlier letter from the vestry. As we adjust to the new space, we look forward to sharing even more ideas about how we might use this opportunity. 

Search Committee News

On Sunday, December 16th, the search committee provided an update immediately after the service. A synopsis of the Holy Cow! Survey was shared, and a summary of the committee’s “listening tour” with parishioners was also distributed. Our intention was to reflect on and communicate what we have heard and learned during our discernment with the parish over the last three months. If you were unable to attend, there are extra copies of the handouts available in the church office.

The committee has submitted the Community Ministry Portfolio to the Diocesan office for Transition Ministry. Diocesan staff are reviewing the portfolio, which in secular terms serves as the “job listing” for our rector position. The portfolio includes salary and benefit information, as well as several narratives describing our church community. This is the document prospective applicants will see and review in the Episcopal Church database created for the purpose of posting clergy positions and calls. We anticipate the portfolio will go “live” this month. The committee is also developing a page on the church web site which will provide specific information about the rector search.
Renovation News
We are really starting to see some amazing progress on the renovations to our sanctuary! Check out what's happened all in this past month:

The ceiling in both the nave and the chancel have been cleaned and painted, and the scaffold has been removed. New lighting in the upper walls of the chancel, hidden by the plaster cove molding, has been installed. New diffusers in the chancel have been installed. The walls of the gallery have been painted. New railings have been installed behind the gallery pews. Two new air handlers in the undercroft are up and running. Most of the wiring is ready to be hooked up to the new lighting and audio/video equipment. Installation of the marble tile has also begun.

You can follow progress at the following web site: . New information is posted each week!
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