A mobile church: That serves in the community
Ekklesia Teaching Sunday

Sunday, July 8th

Parkwood Club- 3045 Madrona Dr.
10:00am Coffee
10:25am Worship and Teaching
Adults- Aaron Hanson
Children- Lisa Blair
Youth- Sarah Pyke

"Continue to Do Good"- I Peter 4:19 
Continue to do good.... when others oppose you.
Continue to do good.... when people refuse to help
Continue to do good.... even if people speak evil against you
Continue to do good.... even when you suffer as a Christian for it
Continue to do good.... when others try to stop you
Continue to do good.... even when the odds seem unsurmountable
Continue to do good.... in the face of hatred
Continue to do good.... when supporters are few
Continue to do good.... when accusations increase
Continue to do good.... in the face of all manner of opposition

We know that our deliverance is sure and our calling is clear. "If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you.... if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name. ... So then, those who suffer according to God's will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good." I Peter 4:14,16 & 19. 

When Christians attempt to help the poor and the homeless there will always be resistance from the world. Let us never, however, withdraw from the task that God has called us. Remember God's own words during Isaiah's time regarding the "kind of fasting I have chosen." This is the kind of worship that God asks from us as we live in this dying world. Isaiah 58:7 "Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter." Let us do this wherever needed!

Workers Needed to Water at the Food Bank
July 8th- After worship
After the Ekklesia morning worship this Sunday, July 8th workers are needed again to water the plants in the green houses at the South Kitsap Helpline Food Bank. It will take about an hour but is truly a fund project to help at our local food bank. During the summer months the food bank remains closed on Sundays but the plants still need to be watered.  We will be working on developing a rotation of other workers from various churches but Ekklesia is needed this Sunday! Let Tim Blair know if you are available to help. 
Ekklesia workers arriving to water plants at the Food Bank greenhouses
Molly and Lilli watering

Prayer Needs  
  • David Bedford who underwent back surgery on Thursday, June 7th.
  • Naomi Bedford who also underwent surgery on Tuesday, June 12th.
  • Ben Steele's close friend Matt passed away last week... pray for famly.
  • Jon Powless who recently broke his foot and may have many months of healing if it is able to heal. Jon would appreciate visits by all.
  • Craig Thomas - requests continued prayers for his mother in San Ramon, CA. Also a praise for Craig's new job at Morrison Gravel. 
  • Melissa Bell's step-dad, David Latham and his wife LaDonna as David struggles with health issues. 
  • James & Angela Goodman and family as they minister at the Sound View Christian Camp. 
  • The selection of a site for the Tiny Cottage Village-  A new site is still under consideration. Pray for the two options that are now being evaluated. 
  • The Parry family and Joe- as he has been deployed to San Diego for a few months.

Tiny Cottage Construction Update
Tiny Cottage #12 Under Construction in Bremerton
On Friday, June 22nd, the United Way of Kitsap County holds it's annual Day of Caring. On this day volunteers came together to work on several projects. One of these will be the construction of another tiny cottage for the village. The Olympic Educational Service District coordinates building projects with their students across the county to build homes through the Habitat For Humanity and all start Friday building the first of many tiny cottages for the Homes For All project. A group of students began on Friday constructing the foundation and walls of the #12 cottage at the Youth Skills Center on National Way in Bremerton. The Youth Build director, Jeff Allen, met with Tim Blair several weeks ago and pledged to build one new tiny cottage with each cohort of students that comes through their Youth Build program. This will translate into many new tiny cottages over the next few years. What a blessing for the Homes For All village project. 
students and supervisors building cottage #12 at the Skills Center in Bremerton

Tiny Cottage Construction Tally
Ekklesia and First Lutheran will build the bath and shower facility in trailer #2 within a few weeks. 
Grace Bible Church built #7, #8 & #9 cottages last August in their parking lot. They are now on display in the Lowe's parking lot.
First Lutheran Church is now storing four of the completed cottages in their parking lot.  #3, #6, #10 & #11. 
Habitat For Humanity has built #10 tiny cottage in Port Orchard
Kaiser Permanente Corp. has committed to building three tiny cottages on the three clinic locations across Kitsap County over the next few months. They did build the #11 cottage which is now on display at the First Lutheran Church parking lot. More will be built in the coming months. 
United Methodist Church in Port Orchard has built cottage #4 and has donated the funds needed to build another cottage to Mr. Winn the SK High School wood shop teacher. 
Spirit of Life Lutheran Church has committed to build a cottage in a few months when one is needed.
Tiny Cottage #12- Olympic ESD 114- One cottage will be built at the West Sound Skills Center beginning Friday, June 22nd by high school students. 
The South Kitsap High School has the materials to begin cottage #13 in the fall of this year!

The plans for the new village are coming together as we consider the architect's graphic designs that set the vision for the new proposed village. Please be in prayer as the Port Orchard Church of Christ considers becoming the host of the new village on their property. The church will vote on their involvement on July 8th. 

The architect's design of the Tiny Cottage Village 

Thank You to Our Supporters!

Summer is finally here... the weather is still cool at times and moderately hot on other days. This all provides for great opportunities to work outside with people in our community!  We also look forward to the many new people that God will bring into our lives as we seek to bless others and bring the message of Jesus.  Thank you for your support of our mission. Tim and Lisa Blair

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