A mobile church: That serves in the community
Ekklesia Father's Day Sunday

Our Ladies Will Lead our Gathering

Sunday, June 17th

10:30am Breakfast Potluck
11:00am Worship and Sharing

Our ladies will be providing our meal and leading our worship time together.

Blessed Are You When People....
Jesus knew that when his followers fulfilled his mission they would also have to endure the hardships of persecution from others who didn't understand the love of Jesus. When we attempt to help the "least of these" we will also be offending people who don't understand what it means to serve the poor, the sick and the homeless. This week the possibility of placing the tiny house village on a local church property has appeared in social media news threads. Some are not happy about the placement of this village in their neighborhood and view it as an invasion of their space. Some have gone from house to house in the neighborhood and have described terrible outcomes if a village for the homeless was located nearby. As Christians we have decided to serve the homeless in our community but to some in our neighborhoods this will be destroying their sense of peace and safety. It is our calling to hold firm to the mission but knowing that there will be much anger and resistance in the hearts of some. Let us not react to the anger but share with calm confidence the truth about the people who will be helped and the professionalism that will be involved with our village. Let us speak the truth in love and share the light of Jesus at all times!

Homes For All- 
Community Meeting on Thursday, June 21st
Eagles Lodge- 6:30pm 
4001 Jackson Ave SE, Port Orchard, WA 98366
This week a community meeting will be held at the Port Orchard Eagles at 4001 Jackson Ave SE, Port Orchard, WA 98366. Kitsap County Commissioner Garrido will lead the meeting and provide details about the proposed tiny cottage village planned for the Port Orchard area. A final decision has not been made about the location of the village but the Port Orchard Church of Christ on Carr Lane is presently considering whether they might host the village. This possibility has greatly concerned several neighbors who desire to express their thoughts. So, Commissioner Garrido will host this informational meeting to allow neighbors to express their concerns and to also provide the details of how the village will actually be managed and the clientele it will serve. Ekklesia has worked tirelessly for over a year to develop this ministry and needs to assist in creating the right message for our community. Let us pray for peace and a calm meeting next Thursday and for our leaders as they express the vision for helping the homeless in our community.  

Prayer Needs  
  • David Bedford who underwent back surgery on Thursday, June 7th.
  • Naomi Bedford who also underwent surgery on Tuesday, June 12th.
  • Ben Steele's close friend Matt who is dealing with late stage cancer.
  • Jon Powless who recently broke his foot and may have many months of healing if it is able to heal. Jon would appreciate visits by all.
  • Craig Thomas - requests continued prayers for his mother in San Ramon, CA. Also a praise for Craig's new job at Morrison Gravel. 
  • Melissa Bell's step-dad, David Latham and his wife LaDonna as David struggles with health issues. 
  • James & Angela Goodman and family as they minister at the Sound View Christian Camp. 
  • The selection of a site for the Tiny Cottage Village-  A new site will now need to be found! We need prayers that churches or private property owners will step forward to allow us to use their land. 
  • The Parry family and Joe- as he has been deployed to San Diego for a few months.

Tiny Cottage Construction Update 

Our local Lowes store on Sedgwick Rd. has stored three of our tiny houses over the last few months. They have now been moved out into the parking lot at Lowe's and are clustered close to many other garden sheds. Thank you to Valerie the store manager for accepting our request for help to park these tiny cottages in their parking lot. 
We are presently working on transferring the titles to five donated construction trailers that are parked in Silverdale, Washington. We are hoping to have the trailers moved within the next few weeks. One of the trailers will become the bathroom facility for the village. This 24 foot long trailer will be moved to the First Lutheran parking lot in Port Orchard soon and our two churches (First Lutheran and Ekklesia) will begin remodel work to transform it into a bathroom facility.

Tiny Cottage Construction Tally
Ekklesia and First Lutheran will build the bath and shower facility in trailer #2 within a few weeks. 
Grace Bible Church built #7, #8 & #9 cottages last August in their parking lot. They are now on display in the Lowe's parking lot.
First Lutheran Church is now storing four of the completed cottages in their parking lot.  #3, #6, #10 & #11. 
Habitat For Humanity has built #10 tiny cottage in Port Orchard
Kaiser Permanente Corp. has committed to building three tiny cottages on the three clinic locations across Kitsap County over the next few months. They did build the #11 cottage which is now on display at the First Lutheran Church parking lot. More will be built in the coming months. 
United Methodist Church in Port Orchard has donated the funds needed to build another cottage to Mr. Winn the SK High School wood shop teacher. The high school will begin construction of cottage #12 within a few weeks.
Spirit of Life Lutheran Church has committed to build a cottage in a few months when one is needed.
Tiny Cottage #12- Olympic ESD 114- One cottage will be built at the West Sound Skills Center next Friday, June 22nd by high school students. 

We now have eighteen tiny cottages sponsored by local businesses, service groups or churches but will determine how many we will actually build when the size of the designated site is determined.  Eleven cottages have been built and the twelfth is under construction at the high school wood shop class!

Ekklesia has been blessed by  Leo's Towing who offered to move all our completed tiny houses over the last year. Sadly, Leo passed away a few weeks ago after a brief illness. We will now need to secure another tow truck company to help us as the tiny houses need to be moved.
Leo moving one of our tiny houses along with City Councilman Fred Chang and Gene Cartwright
Four tiny cottages completed and parked on Mitchell Rd. at First Lutheran Church

Thank You to Our Supporters!

Ekklesia is 5 years old this month. We began our Sunday gatherings in May of 2013 and we have been blessed ever since. We truly thank God and our many friends who have helped make this mission possible over the years.  We also look forward to the many new people that God will bring into our lives as we continue to connect with our community.  Thank you for your support of our mission. Tim and Lisa Blair

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