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Ekklesia Service Sunday

Sunday, June 24th

10:00am Coffee
10:25am Worship and Sharing
12-3:00pm Service in our community

Ekklesia workers will have two projects on Sunday. 

1. Firewood for the Food Bank- Several loads of firewood will be picked up from a site and delivered to the food bank.

2. Greenhouse watering at the Food Bank- the Food Bank has asked for volunteers to help water their many plants over the hot weekends to maintain the health of their plants that are for sale.

No Longer Slaves to Fear
   People do many amazingly difficult to understand things and sometimes very hurtful deeds all because of fear. Fear drives people to mistreat others, to speak harshly to others and damage relationships that should have been nurtured. The cause of Jesus Christ calls all believers to cast out fear and remove it from our thinking as we plunge into the community to help others less fortunate. The problem is, though, that fear keeps finding a foot hold whenever we challenge people to love others and to make sacrifices in their personal life in order to love others like Jesus asked us to. Fear destroys trust, love and sacrifice and clearly keeps us from obeying the great commandments that Jesus talked about, i.e. loving God and loving others as yourself. The tiny cottage village project has truly brought to focus this battle between trust in God and fear. We believe that perfect love casts out fear. (I John 4:18) As we move forward with the decisions that must me made to build the village for homeless people many in our community will respond with fear and and anger. Many others will plunge head first into a walk of faith that believes it is the right thing to do. 
   On Thursday evening of this week, June 21st, several Ekklesia members attended a community meeting that was intended to begin a conversation with many of the neighborhood residents who lived near the Port Orchard Church of Christ where the tiny cottage village is under consideration. No decision has been made by the church but the neighborhood has many who oppose such a village and fear the increase of criminal activity along with the reduction of their property values. The crowd on Thursday night was very unsettled and many were not interested in hearing the plan for the village. It is difficult to know all the reasons for their deep anger but as people of faith we were there to be the voice of understanding, peace and truth. In my life it was one of the most heated meetings I have ever attended as was for many of the county officials. It reminded me of the opposition that Nehemiah must have confronted as he attempted to combat the resistance and anger of the surrounding people as he began rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. For people of faith, the evening was difficult but a reminder of the faith walk we must take as we follow the sacrificial life and mission of Jesus. 
   Let us all walk by faith knowing that there is only one kind of fear we should have, the fear of God that produces the fruit of a righteous life. I pray for a world unwilling to love and take risks to do the right thing for others. We must step out in boldness like the early disciples of Jesus who counted it a blessing to endure the hardships thrown at them by people who feared their new faith in a risen Lord. 
Kitsap County Commissioner Garrido speaking at the community meeting

Proposed Site for the Tiny Cottage Village
At the community meeting on Thursday evening concept art for the proposed tiny cottage village was displayed. If the Church of Christ goes forward with the project this is the proposed layout of the village with it's tiny cottages and support buildings. There will be a central kitchen facility for all residents to prepare their own meals and have a gathering place with tables. There will be a bath facility building with laundry on the end. There will also be an office building and storage. The gate house at the entry point will provide security for all visitors and residents. 

aerial view of the village

Prayer Needs  
  • David Bedford who underwent back surgery on Thursday, June 7th.
  • Naomi Bedford who also underwent surgery on Tuesday, June 12th.
  • Ben Steele's close friend Matt passed away last week... pray for famly.
  • Jon Powless who recently broke his foot and may have many months of healing if it is able to heal. Jon would appreciate visits by all.
  • Craig Thomas - requests continued prayers for his mother in San Ramon, CA. Also a praise for Craig's new job at Morrison Gravel. 
  • Melissa Bell's step-dad, David Latham and his wife LaDonna as David struggles with health issues. 
  • James & Angela Goodman and family as they minister at the Sound View Christian Camp. 
  • The selection of a site for the Tiny Cottage Village-  A new site is still under consideration. Pray for the two options that are now being evaluated. 
  • The Parry family and Joe- as he has been deployed to San Diego for a few months.

Tiny Cottage Construction Update
Tiny Cottage #12 Under Construction in Bremerton
On Friday, June 22nd, the United Way of Kitsap County holds it's annual Day of Caring. On this day volunteers came together to work on several projects. One of these will be the construction of another tiny cottage for the village. The Olympic Educational Service District coordinates building projects with their students across the county to build homes through the Habitat For Humanity and all start Friday building the first of many tiny cottages for the Homes For All project. A group of students began on Friday constructing the foundation and walls of the #12 cottage at the Youth Skills Center on National Way in Bremerton. The Youth Build director, Jeff Allen, met with Tim Blair several weeks ago and pledged to build one new tiny cottage with each cohort of students that comes through their Youth Build program. This will translate into many new tiny cottages over the next few years. What a blessing for the Homes For All village project. 
students and supervisors building cottage #12 at the Skills Center in Bremerton

Tiny Cottage Construction Tally
Ekklesia and First Lutheran will build the bath and shower facility in trailer #2 within a few weeks. 
Grace Bible Church built #7, #8 & #9 cottages last August in their parking lot. They are now on display in the Lowe's parking lot.
First Lutheran Church is now storing four of the completed cottages in their parking lot.  #3, #6, #10 & #11. 
Habitat For Humanity has built #10 tiny cottage in Port Orchard
Kaiser Permanente Corp. has committed to building three tiny cottages on the three clinic locations across Kitsap County over the next few months. They did build the #11 cottage which is now on display at the First Lutheran Church parking lot. More will be built in the coming months. 
United Methodist Church in Port Orchard has built cottage #4 and has donated the funds needed to build another cottage to Mr. Winn the SK High School wood shop teacher. 
Spirit of Life Lutheran Church has committed to build a cottage in a few months when one is needed.
Tiny Cottage #12- Olympic ESD 114- One cottage will be built at the West Sound Skills Center beginning Friday, June 22nd by high school students. 
The South Kitsap High School has the materials to begin cottage #13 in the fall of this year!

Ekklesia has been blessed by  Leo's Towing who offered to move all our completed tiny houses over the last year. Sadly, Leo passed away a few weeks ago after a brief illness. We will now need to secure another tow truck company to help us as the tiny houses need to be moved.
Leo moving one of our tiny houses along with City Councilman Fred Chang and Gene Cartwright
Four tiny cottages completed and parked on Mitchell Rd. at First Lutheran Church

Thank You to Our Supporters!

Ekklesia is 5 years old this month. We began our Sunday gatherings in May of 2013 and we have been blessed ever since. We truly thank God and our many friends who have helped make this mission possible over the years.  We also look forward to the many new people that God will bring into our lives as we continue to connect with our community.  Thank you for your support of our mission. Tim and Lisa Blair

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