A mobile church: That serves in the community
Teaching Sunday on
March 4th
The Parkwood Community Club
3045 Madrona Dr.

10:00am - Coffee
10:25am - Worship
Adults Class- Darren Hanson
A Tale of Two Brothers
Romans 14:13-15:1
Children's class- Monique Parry
Youth- Sarah Pyke

Food Bank Work Day- Friday, March 9th
People ask me all the time, "What can I do to get involved in the community?" There are many interested and willing workers but many don't know where to plug themselves into community needs. Our local South Kitsap Helpline Food Bank served over 15,000 people last year and is the primary food distribution center for needy residents of South Kitsap county. In order to meet so many needs our food bank also runs a nursery business that subsidizes their service to so many. Ekklesia has committed to support their work in whatever ways they need. In the Spring the food bank produces hundreds of plants for sale and we have been asked to help prepare the hanging baskets that will become beautiful and overflowing baskets of petunias by Mother's Day. Next Friday, March 9th we need workers at 9:30am at the food bank to help us fill the baskets with potting soil. This work day should only take about two hours till about 11:30am. Contact Tim Blair if you are able to help out! 

Micah Blair and Scott Waite filling baskets last year at the food bank green house.

Ekklesia volunteers working in the green house last year.

Ekklesia Family Retreat at Sound View Camp
Next weekend the Ekklesia  family will hold our second annual work retreat out at the Sound View Camp on the Key Peninsula. We will begin our retreat Saturday morning at 10am with many planned work projects organized by James and Angela Goodman. The Goodmans (Ekklesia members) began working with the Sound View Camp last year after several years of work in the Port Orchard area. Every summer hundreds of young people and other Christian groups enjoy the use of the Sound View Camp as a place of spiritual renewal. 
A few of those who attended last year's Family Retreat at Sound View Camp

Santana Village Update
Several weeks ago the volunteer architectural firm working on the village project determined that the proposed village site on Bethel Rd. would not be viable as a site due to conditions on the property that were prohibitive to building the village there. So, the Homes For All committee has decided to continue their search for a workable site where our tiny houses and portable buildings may be placed. We will now be in the process of approaching local churches with the idea of leasing their open property for the placement of the village. This will delay our plans to open the village but it will not deter our commitment to make it a reality. Keep praying for this work to help the homeless in Kitsap County. 

Ekklesia to Build the Bath and Shower House for Santana Village
Ekklesia has been asked by Kitsap County Commissioner Garrido to begin working on designs for the new bathroom and shower building that will be placed in the tiny house village for homeless residents. This will be an extended version of our original prototype tiny house. Rick Bell (Ekklesia Church leader) has designed this new bath facility and it will house both toilet/sink rooms and also three shower rooms. One of the rooms will be large enough for wheel chair access.  The First Lutheran Church will also be partnering with Ekklesia to construct this new bath and shower house. 
The prototype Bath and Shower house design presented to the county
Also, in December a mechanical contractor firm in Silverdale agreed to donate up to three mobile office trailers for use as the tiny house village offices, kitchen, security building and laundry facilities. One might be used for the security gate office, another for the storage and laundry and the third largest one for the kitchen and gathering room. We will most certainly be busy remodeling the interior of these three trailers when the site is determined! Pray for doors to open up and a site to be located ASAP!

The large 10'x32' trailer which will become the kitchen and meeting room facility
Prayer Needs
  • The Family Work Retreat- out at Sound View Camp- next weekend Mar. 10-11th. 
  • Mack Smith requests prayers for his mother Louise Smith who underwent heart surgery several weeks ago. Louise is now in recovery and doing much better. They ask for continued prayers for Louise. 
  • Craig Thomas - praises to God for a very productive visit with his mother in San Ramon, CA. Also a praise for Craig's new job at Morrison Gravel. 
  • Ekklesia members with new jobs! Lori White, Jon Powless & Craig Thomas
  • Melissa Bell's step-dad, David Latham and his wife LaDonna as David struggles with health issues. 
  • James & Angela Goodman and family as they minister at the Sound View Christian Camp. 
  • The selection of a site for the Tiny Cottage Village-  A new site will now need to be found! We need prayers that churches or private property owners will step forward to allow us to use their land. 
  • Direction is needed as Ekklesia builders are designing the new bath house for the Tiny Cottage Village. 
  • The Parry family and Joe- as he has been deployed to San Diego for a few months.

Tiny Cottage Construction Update 

A big thank you to our local Lowes store who has stepped up to help park three of our recently built tiny cottages. Cottages #7, #8 & #9 are now parked in front of Lowe's. These three cottages will remain in front of Lowes until we receive the go ahead to move them to the new village site. Thank you to Valerie the store manager for accepting our request for help to park these tiny cottages in their parking lot.

Ekklesia and First Lutheran will build the bath and shower facility. 
Grace Bible Church built #7, #8 & #9 cottages last August in their parking lot. They are now on display in the Lowe's parking lot.
First Lutheran Church is now storing four of the completed cottages in their parking lot.  #3, #6, #10 & #11. 
Habitat For Humanity has built #10 tiny cottage in Port Orchard
Kaiser Permanente Corp. has committed to building three tiny cottages on the three clinic locations across Kitsap County over the next few months. They did build the #11 cottage which is now on display at the First Lutheran Church parking lot. More will be built in the Spring. 
United Methodist Church in Port Orchard has donated the funds needed to build another cottage to Mr. Winn the SK High School wood shop teacher. The high school will begin construction of cottage #12 within a few weeks.
Spirit of Life Lutheran Church has committed to build a cottage in a few months when one is needed.

We now have eighteen tiny cottages sponsored by local businesses, service groups or churches. Eleven cottages have been built!

Thank you to Leo's Towing who continues to offer his services to move our cottages when needed!
Four tiny cottages completed and parked on Mitchell Rd. at First Lutheran Church

Thank You to Our Supporters!

Spring is in the air and Ekklesia is on the move! Lisa and I feel God moving in our mission here in Port Orchard with new people and new opportunities to bless others in our community. Our ministry is not determined by our activity but by God's grace who opens doors to minister to others. Thank you for your support of our mission. Tim and Lisa Blair

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