Happy Valentine's Day

February, 2022


Dear Friends of Liga MAC


St. Valentine’s Day or simply Valentine’s Day in the English speaking world, is a day devoted to amorous love. But in the Spanish speaking world, in particular Mexico, El Dia del Amor y la Amistad is a day to celebrate all relationships, fraternal as well as romantic. Acknowledging friends and loved ones who have been our lifelines after two years of restraint and isolation seems very apropos. 

This month we highlight two students who have formed a special bond with their Liga MAC English as a Second Language volunteer instructors. Dr. Deneb Poli returns with her take on the health of Los Cabos in “Doctor’s Corner”. And we will update Liga MAC’s events and happenings.

Program Profile - English As a Second Language

Sharo Laiza Martinez and Linda Anahy Montaño, Liga MAC educational support program students enrolled in Liga MAC’s ESL (English as a Second Language) program have nothing but good to say about the volunteer led program. They find the volunteer facilitators friendly, kind, and patient and the program interactive and fun.  

Both students have found online learning during the past two years difficult remarking that public school online teaching abilities are inconsistent and sometimes non-existent with some teachers assigning and receiving projects via email and never making contact with students. 

School English classes are often grammar based using course vocabulary only. And because assignments were not monitored many students defaulted to Google Translate to complete the work! However, recently, English classes together with other non-core subjects have been removed from the public school curriculum due to staffing and funding issues.  

Liga MAC’s ESL program was faced with its own set of issues and solutions. Facilitators realized initially that “face-to-face” Zoom calls between individual students and facilitators, often in different countries, worked quite well. However, when introducing English to younger students, the Zoom format was problematic. This school year, with classes still being conducted remotely, ESL facilitators have decided for the second year in a row to work with senior students only.


Nancy Wayne.

Liga MAC's 2019 ESL Edition.

Max Samson ESL.jpg

Max Samson.

Liga MAC's 2019 ESL Edition.

Kristin Brown ESL.jpg

Krsitin Brown.

Liga MAC's 2019 ESL Edtition.

Last year Liga MAC’s volunteer ESL facilitator Max Samson and program co-ordinator Nancy Wayne were determined to create a workable Zoom ESL program to ensure that at least senior students would not lose their abilities in English and their enthusiasm, passion and energy continue to drive this year’s program.  

Kristin Brown, a professional ESL teacher from California and Liga MAC volunteer, helped to create the assessment tool and, along with the team of facilitators, interviewed candidates via What’s App for the 2022 Liga MAC ESL program. 

Sharo, a Grade 12 student enrolled in the Hospitality Program at Conalep High School and Linda, a Grade 11 student enrolled in a computer servicing program at Cecyt-07 High School, were interviewed by Kristin and accepted into the program.  

Sharo Michelle Laiza Martinez.jpeg

The ESL program has completely changed the way both girls view English and online learning. Both have found that facilitators encourage students to speak with confidence. Sharo remarked that she feels “motivated, comfortable, and able to listen for correct pronunciation”. 

Linda, a self motivated learner who watched online English tutorials and YouTube videos to improve her English prior to her assessment, particularly impressed Kristin with her perfect diction! Both girls are very excited to participate in the ESL classes and feel as though the facilitators treat them like friends and equals. 

And finally as a testament to the importance of learning English in a destination tourist location like Los Cabos, Linda shared a recent anecdote. She and her sister were shopping in a local supermarket when an English speaker asked them for help. Employing some English, some Spanish and much sign language, the situation was resolved and all went away smiling. 

Linda realized that attempting English with visitors is not such a scary prospect and that to do well in Los Cabos, mastering English is mandatory. She also appreciates that learning in a fun and friendly environment where she feels fully supported is going to increase her learning power.

Lynda Alas 2020.jpeg

Volunteer Activities

Be sure to stop in at the Liga MAC booths at both the Friday Palmilla Market at the Shoppes at Palmilla and the Saturday Organic Market on Calle Centenario. You will find information about Liga MAC and its programs as well as used books and new logo items for sale by suggested donation.

Gorras Liga MAC.jpg

Liga MAC’s Donation Centre is open and operating on Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. The centre takes donations of used books and lightly used home furnishings and clothes. Items are for sale by suggested donation. The Donation Centre is located on Paseo de Los Marinos.

Donation Center Liga MAC.jpeg


Tickets are going fast for Liga MAC’s 25th Anniversary Gala on March 30, 2022 at Querencia Private Golf and Beach Club. Tickets for this outdoor event include cocktails, a chef curated plated dinner, live entertainment, and dancing under the stars. For tickets and more information please contact Elva at elva@ligamac.org or visit ligamac.org.


Due to the latest outbreak of COVID, January’s proposed “Tacos & Tequila” event at Habanero’s and the proposed Liga MAC Open House to be held at the Centro de Apoyo in Colonia Zacatal have both been postponed. More information will appear in future Updates…

Doctor's Corner

By Dr. Deneb Poli

We find ourselves at the start of a new year and unfortunately COVID is still upon us for the third year running. BCS is still working its way out of the fourth wave of COVID-19 with OMICRON since its detection in late December 2021.  

Foto Dr Deneb Poli 2021-03-29.jpeg

This was to be expected with tourism peaking and hotels at maximum capacity. State health authorities have placed Los Cabos at Level 3 and continue to ask that face masks be used in public spaces and have established that local businesses can operate at 50% capacity.  


Currently there are 1229 active cases that have been detected in Los Cabos by government health authorities. Many people are being tested at private laboratories or hospitals and these numbers unfortunately go unreported making the official number unreliable. Luckily most cases have been mild and few have needed hospitalization giving the local hospitals and healthcare workers a much needed break. 


Vaccination has moved forward with those over 60 and health care workers receiving a third booster dose against COVID 19 with AstraZeneca. Children are now receiving their second dose and we have yet to hear news about vaccination for those under 14 years of age. Children 12-14 and have a known illness that puts them at risk are eligible for vaccination. 


Free testing is available Monday to Friday at the local baseball stadium in San Jose del Cabo and on the weekends at the Centro de Salud in front of Coppel on Manuel Doblado street. There are also testing points in Cabo San Lucas. A hotline is available for free psychological help due to the stress and anxiety induced by COVID. Further information can be found for testing points and the hotline at http://saludbcs.gob.mx/

International travel advisories continue to change as well as testing timelines, vaccination requirements and bans. Please review your country’s requirements on official websites for further information. 

Parting Comments

One of the most consistent messages that we hear expressed by our students about Liga MAC is that they feel someone cares about them. 

Caring for one another is the essence of friendship and love. In the spirit of Dia del Amor y La Amistad, let’s celebrate all those we care about and who care about us!


Thank you for your friendship and for caring!


Maria Lindenberg, President

Liga MAC Board of Directors

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