As outlined in our 2019 Water Resources Development and Management Plan, we recognize that stormwater as a resource is a critical element to achieving our mission. As part of our stormwater resource initiative, we are partnering with the City of Placerville, El Dorado County, El Dorado County Fair Association, and El Dorado Resource Conservation District, in an effort to implement water quality improvements at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds, located in Placerville.

The project will add new infrastructure and technology to capture and use stormwater on site, treat impervious runoff, increase groundwater infiltration, enhance drainage, reduce the occurrence of erosion and runoff, and prevent non-point source pollution. Additionally, a rooftop rainwater capture system will supply non-potable water for landscaping, grass swales will be added near the roads for stormwater conveyance to treat and percolate runoff into the ground, grass filter strips will be added to treat surface flow from paved areas, and new ditches will divert stormwater runoff to the swales and grass filter strips.

This project will demonstrate to the community the technology that can be used to treat, capture, and reuse stormwater runoff. Low-impact development approaches are also being applied to the project, which is scheduled for completion in 2021.