Thursday 2 May 2013


It's been awhile since the last Elastochem Newsletter, mainly because there has been so much happening this year already.

So I thought it best to inform you of some of the changes here at Elastochem.

And we also highlight our suppliers' presentations at Chinaplas this month.

Read on...

  • Elastochem Staff Changes - James Departs
  • Elastochem Staff Changes - A New Chapter Begins
  • Elastochem Product Changes - More To Come
  • CHINAPLAS - 19 / 23 May 2013

  • Elastochem Staff Changes - James Departs

    As many of you will already know, after 9 long years, James has left us.

    James was a knowledgeable and well liked member of the Elastochem family, and he will be sorely missed. However it is also an opportunity for Elastochem to spread our wings, and we hope to make an announcement regarding James' replacement in the very near future.

    In the meantime, please do not hesitate to call me directly on 027 270 6270 with any enquiries, or the office on 0800 64 35 35.

    Elastochem Staff Changes - A New Chapter Begins

    Part of the excitement in the air at Elastochem this year has been the decision to invest in you - our customers.

    Elastochem is commited to growing our profile in the NZ Plastics Industry, and we can only do this if we clearly demonstrate support to our customers through Service, Service and Service.

    While this Service will be demonstrated in the expanding product portfolio offerings we will continue to promote, it is also heavily focussed on tailoring solutions to your specific needs. This may be in the form of product offerings, technical support, delivery or dare I say it - price.

    So to support our established sales team who you already work with, Elastochem welcomes Rob Farrell to the new position of Sales Manager. Rob's role will be to work with both our customers and our sales team to ensure Elastochem exceeds in all Service areas.

    Rob is very much looking forward to making joint visits with our sales team to their customers over the next few months to get a better understanding of how Elastochem can become a more complete business partner to your company.

    Elastochem Product Changes - More To Come

    As you have already witnessed over the last two years, Elastochem is actively growing our relationships with key international brands to ensure that we can offer a complete tailored product solution to the NZ Plastics Industry.

    This product portfolio drive remains a key performance critieria for Elastochem as we strive to be your most valued business partner.

    Elastochem remains commited to our principles, and TRUSTED TECHNOLOGIES WITH VALUE is still our guiding light, so you will not see Elastochem becoming a trader, rather Elastochem will continue to represent key brands that you can trust. And supply them on a local level.

    I look forward to announcing some new product offerings in the next newsletter.

    CHINAPLAS - 19 / 23 May 2013

    At this year's Chinalas, many of our suppliers will be promoting new technologies. For those of you planning to travel to Guangzhou, please include the following seminars in your itinerary:

    A. Schulman Masterbatch

    • Nucleating Agents
    • Antifog for Food Packaging
    • I R Reflecting Colours
    • Antistatics
    • Matte M/B
    This presentation will be at the Shangri-La Hotel next to the Chinaplas Pavilion on Tuesday 21st May.

    ExxonMobil Chemical

    • Vistamaxx Propylene-Based Elastomers - high value solutions and case studies
    • Exceed and Enable mPE resins - Value-added solutions for Lamination film
    • Monday May 20 May
    • 5-Layer PolyOlefin Dedicated (POD) Blown Film Technology - The Next Milestone
    • Tuesday 21 May

    Please contact me or the sales team for further details.

    Once again - many thanks for your continued support. The team at Elastochem is very excited about our future and can't wait to working more closely with you. Bring it on!


    Trusted Technologies With Value from:

    • ExxonMobil Chemical Polyethylene
    • ExxonMobil Chemical Polypropylene
    • Santoprene� TPV
    • ICO Polymers Compounds
    • A. Schulman Masterbatch
    • A. Schulman Engineering Plastics
    • Dequest� Phosphonates
    • Solutia Specialty Chemicals
    • Alpha Technologies
    • Welvic PVC
    • Bayshore Industrial Masterbatch
    • Chem-Trend Release Agents
    • PREMIX Group Conductive Polymers
    • DWJ Black Masterbatch

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