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Tuesday 5 April 2016


Welcome to Elastochem's latest Highlights Newsletter. Here we highlight some of the new happenings at Elastochem with new products and new initiatives.

As always, Elastochem brings new products and suppliers to the market for your benefit. We enjoy working on new developments, especially in our specialist area of Elastomers. Please read on.

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  • Specialty Pipes for Aquaculture/Fish Farming Industry
  • Elastochem - The Elastomeric Experts
  • Chinaplas 2016

  • Specialty Pipes for Aquaculture/Fish Farming Industry

    Eliminating static electricity in transportation pipes - Case Study: Fish Feeding pipes for salmon cage farming.

    Elastochem's specialty supplier Premix has worked together with Norwegian pipe manufacturer Arges AS and created a new pipe construction for fish food feeding pipe systems. This new innovation will prevent the build-up of static electricity - the issue which causes problems and risks in the traditional feeding systems. Our electrically conductive PRE-ELEC® HD-compound plays key role in the construction: it will discharge the electric charges created from feed pellet transportation into sea water. Arges' just received a Norwegian patent for this solution.

    But the problems with static electricity are not limited in only fish farming. The same problems are real also in the other industry sectors (e.g. animal nutrition industry) where the pellets or dusts are transported in plastic pipe systems.

    Let us know if you have applications in these environments.

    Elastochem - The Elastomeric Experts

    That's a lot of E! But seriously, Elastochem continues to be the New Zealand market leader in offering TPE solutions.

    What is your challenge? Do you need a TPE for Soft-Touch, Flame Retardant, Resistant to Chemicals, Food Grade ??? The list of challenges is long, but Elastochem has access to the best Suppliers and Solutions.

    Recently Elastochem hosted GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers (a division of Polyone) representatives to NZ, identifying how new compounds can be used in New Zealand applications.

    Now Elastochem is launching ELASTO brand TPE to our New Zealand customers. Elasto is a division of Hexpol TPE, one of Europe's largest TPE manufacturers.

    Together with the Industry leader Santoprene TPV in our portfolio, Elastochem is here to support all your flexible polymer developments.

    Chinaplas 2016

    Chinaplas is happening this month, and many of Elastochem's suppliers will be exhibiting their latest developments.

    Among the many new developments, ExxonMobil Chemical is launching new grades of Enable and Exceed mPE for blown and cast film customers. While A. Schulman has presentations on Masterbatch for Agricultural Films.

    Hexpol TPE (ELASTO brand) has a large presence, while our niche suppliers such as Premix and DWJ Black will also launching new products.

    If you are attending Chinaplas this year, and would like to visit our suppliers, please let Darryl know and he will be happy to coordinate your interest.


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