Volume 7 | Issue 34
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Elder Scams
A scammer will target any person they see as a potential victim who will fall for their con. Unfortunately, this means that senior citizens often become the victim of scams.
Avenues to Target
A scam that is becoming increasingly prevalent is done through telemarketing. While the story often changes, the common practice is the con artist calls a senior, tells them a false story, and at the end requests that they send money to fix the problem. This can even take the form of a ‘grandparent scam’ where the scammer poses as the senior’s grandchild or friend of a grandchild asking for money because they have had an accident or need money to get out of a predicament.
If the scammer is successful they may even extort the person on multiple occasions.
Internet fraud is another common senior scam as seniors tend to be less internet savvy compared to the rest of the population. Seniors are more likely to fall prey to pop-up links, email phishing and fraudulent charitable donations.  

Furthermore, medical scams can be quite damaging. Counterfeit medications are being sold online and some seniors who live on a fixed income choose to purchase these medications instead of through a pharmacist. This can have not only financial but physically damaging ramifications. As well, scammers target seniors who claim to work at a health care or insurance company and contact seniors to ask for their personal healthcare information
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