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Caregiver First Aid
You don’t need a library card.                    
Thanks to a generous donation by caregiver Jim Evenson, Elderhaus and community caregivers now have a growing library of books and CDs on caregiving and the different kinds of dementia. If you have books to donate, recommendations on books to purchase, or over-due library books please call Danita at Elderhaus 970-221-0406.
You Are Not Alone
Elderhaus Caregiver Groups

Life Transitions Group :  
Every Monday 1-3 p.m.   
Every Wednesday 9-11 a.m. Location is Elderhaus

FTD Caregivers: Third Tuesday Monthly 2:30-4 p.m. Daz Bog, Northwest Corner of Cherry and Mason

August/September 2018
The Perfect Caregiver
Cindy Caregiver is always cheerful, compassionate, confident and competent. Even after spending an hour helping her care partner get dressed, she doesn’t feel any resentment when her loved one has an “accident” and they are already a half hour late. She patiently answers the same question 1000 times. No matter what time of the day or night, Cindy Caregiver is always ready to provide care. She never seems tired or asks for help. There is one tiny problem with Cindy Caregiver— she doesn’t exist! She’s perfect, but she’s an imaginary caregiver. Real caregivers may aspire to be her, but always fall short. That’s o.k..
In caregiver support groups around the country, real caregivers say “I lost it.”, “I had a meltdown.” or “I can’t stop crying.” They hurt, they struggle, they love, they do the best they can for their loved ones. Caregivers are less than perfect, but so are the rest of us. Trusting yourself and knowing when to get help is 99% of perfect. Kick perfectionism to the curb!

   The Dementia Whisperer        
Teepa Snow may be a Dementia Whisperer. She seems to know intuitively how to relate and interact with people with dementia. She has studied and practiced many years and is a very sought after speaker. She is quirky, but completely in touch with the needs of people with dementia and their family and professional caregivers. See for yourself at and You Tube/ Teepa Snow. The consensus is she is the best!
 Lost in Translation

The Alzheimers Association has a list of communication tips for dementia. Let’s call them the Do’s and Don’ts of DementiaSpeak.

Use short,simple,familiar words/sentences.        

Talk slowly and clearly. 

Give directions 1 step at a time 

Ask one question at a time.                            

Patiently wait for response.

Turn negatives into positive i.e.    
“Let’s go here.”Not “Don’t go there”.

Give visual cues i.e. point, touch.                   

Avoid arguing, not able to reason

Stop Correcting, it is demeaning

Avoid literal expressions i.e.”Hop in”   Could be taken literally

Avoid pronouns, “hat” not “it”

Don’t talk down or ignore

Don’t ask:Do you remember?

Don’t talk to persons back      
***Internet Inspiration***

Google it! 5 star rating

This site is loaded with information for caregivers arranged by topic and also has caregiver support discussions. The topics cover areas relevant to caregivers and are very readable. Take a look at it and you will find support, information, and inspiration.
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