EleCam Expansion
If you have been following Bo and Tarra's adventures via our EleCam live stream, you have no doubt seen the two explore Elephant Refuge North America's (ERNA) natural habitat, Tarra share her wilderness savvy, and Bo provide companionship that Tarra has never before experienced.

With warmer weather, ever greater curiosity and desire to roam, Bo and Tarra have shifted from the 100-acre area to the 750-acre habitat. We are so excited for these friends to explore all of the wonders of the refuge. However, the larger habitat is not equipped with the cameras and internet connection that make the EleCam live stream possible.

We're raising $30,000 to expand the EleCam system throughout our entire 850-acre refuge.

Collectively, we can pool resources to continue watching and learning about Bo and Tarra's developing relationship. Every donation, no matter the size, helps and is greatly appreciated.
More Acres to Explore
Click the image above to watch Bo and Tarra’s move to the 750-acre habitat.

On May 1st Bo and Tarra migrated from their familiar 100-acres to the expanded 750-acre habitat. It was a simple process; we opened the fences to both areas and using their favorite treats, we encouraged them to enter the larger habitat. The treats were unnecessary for Tarra as she was singularly focused on following her dog Mala. As expected, all three wandered in calmly without a concern. Once in the new habitat, Bo and Tarra began sampling the new vegetation, while Mala set out to explore.

In preparation for the move, we built an open-sided structure with a roof as a transitional shelter for Bo. Since his arrival at the refuge, Bo has usually slept in the soft cushion of the sand filled barn, so we assumed he would continue to prefer a sand bed in his new habitat. As it turns out, our effort was thoughtful but unnecessary. Bo did visit the shelter. He walked through the sand, tossed some on his back, and even left a pile of manure. But for his early morning sleeping, Bo, like Tarra, prefers to sleep under the stars. 
Bo and Tarra’s immediate and complete acclimatization to the new habitat, although anticipated, was extremely heartwarming and rewarding to see. Each day we are reminded what a gift it is to provide this safe haven for elephants, and to be privy to their immersion into this natural world. 
Elephant manure spreads seeds throughout the habitat
While wandering with the elephants in the early evening hours intending to introduce them to unexplored areas, we are pleasantly surprised to find mounds of elephant manure, proving they had already found the non-so-hidden areas. It hasn’t taken long for Tarra and Bo to find bamboo groves, open pastures, elephant lake, and a few of the many spring fed streams. In a few short weeks, they have created well beaten paths through pastures and left signature footprints in the soft forest floor. They spend a great deal of their time together. Previously known as a loner, Tarra now shows a preference for Bo’s company which excites us to no end!
Bo and Tarra have not discovered the full 750 acres yet, but Tarra took the lead and explored a great deal of it—reconnaissance she brings back to Bo for future adventures. 

A huge thank you to all who continue to support Bo and Tarra and our efforts to provide a healthy retirement option for captive-held elephants in North America.
Tarra’s New Webpage – Opportunities to Learn & Sponsor
Tarra’s enhanced and updated page on the EAI website is ready for visitors! Come check out the collection of photos, videos, and EleDiary entries that will warm your heart and give you a greater understanding of Tarra’s personality and life at ERNA. 

Love Tarra? Now you can do something special just for her by becoming her sponsor. You can choose an annual sponsorship of $75 or sponsor Tarra every month of the year with a recurring donation of your choice. You'll receive a sponsorship certificate that includes a photo of Tarra and five fun facts about her delivered via eco-friendly email.
There are many ways you can support Tarra and Bo – including contributing to a balanced diet. You can help ensure ERNA’s elephants have the proper essential vitamins and minerals and supplements to support joint health. Your $50 donation will help us feed Tarra for one day.

Every donation is greatly appreciated and helps us take care of the magnificent elephant residents under our care.
BLES Founder Katherine Connor Awarded Expert Foot Trimmer
BLES Founder, Katherine Connor with her faithful helper Sonic: Trimming Nwon’s feet.

EAI is thrilled to continue our relationship with Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary (BLES), located in Thailand. In 2011, Carol traveled to Thailand to teach BLES Founder Katherine Connor, and the mahouts (caregivers) in her employ, elephant foot care and Compassionate Elephant Care, which includes Positive Reinforcement Target Training. In 2015 BLES became a model for the EAI Chain-Free Corral project. BLES’ nine elephants spend their days in the forest under the observation of their mahouts. Before sunset they return to spend their nighttime hours in the safe freedom of their Chain-Free Corrals. Then in 2016, Katherine joined our foot trimming workshop in Nepal to continue her education in foot care.  
We are delighted to announce that after years of dedication caring for elephants’ feet at BLES, Katherine Connor has graduated with the highest honor of Expert Foot Trimmer, a credit to her devotion and the skills she has developed.

Recently EAI provided foot trimming tools, impossible to secure in Thailand, for Katherine to continue her excellent foot care for these seriously pampered elephants.
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