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Dear Neighbors,

This is a follow-up to my December email titled 2018 Local Bills.

The chair of the County's House State Delegation subcommittee on Education wants to know if you support an elected or an appointed school board.  A simple 4-question survey was created in this regard and can be completed using the following link:  School Board Structure Survey

There were several proposed bills that involved the County's public school system in 2018.  By way of reminder, a copy of my written testimony on all of the bills as of December 5, 2017 is here: 2018 Local Bills.  

In my December email, I stated that all of the bills are important, but you may want to focus on the proposed bills to change the governance of the School Board.  This has become a very important issue to the County in the wake of many news reports concerning graduation rates.

Since the 90-day legislative session has begun, other bills have been introduced, and you may want to contact your local state Delegate(s) and Senator about the bills that are important to you:    House Delegation .
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