September 2020
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Election 2020:
What it Could Mean for You
As the presidential election nears, most Americans have firm beliefs about which candidate best suits our views and interests, and as investors we try to evaluate how different electoral outcomes may affect our portfolios. Though history does show a correlation between presidential election cycles and stock market performance, there are many misconceptions that lead economists to believe it's probably best to keep our voting and investing decisions separate.
Given the country's current state of uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and election, it is not surprising to assume markets will be volatile. We've been through these bouts before and while they tend to cause uneasiness and concern, we remind you to stay focused on maintaining a long-term perspective.

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In the meantime, click here to read an article which addresses some considerations investors should think about taking into account during this election year. 
Did You Know?

Election Day Facts


- In 1845, Congress decided to name Election Day as the first Tuesday in November, after the farmers' fall harvest and before winter conditions made travel too difficult.


- 12 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were 35 years old or younger.


- At least seven states currently allow voters to change their ballot if they have voted before Election Day.


- American astronauts can vote in elections from orbit by secure email.


- A recent study found that many voters cast a ballot simply to receive the "I Voted" sticker.



Major Changes to the DJIA 
Big changes went into effect for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) this past week when Apple announced its four-to-one stock split. The restructuring significantly reduced the technology sector's representation in the DJIA, therefore causing a major shakeup for the benchmark.

To help offset the reduction, as of 8/31, Salesforce replaced Exxon Mobil, Amgen replaced Pfizer, and Honeywell replaced Raytheon Technologies. The hope is that these moves will help diversify the index by removing overlap between companies of similar scope and adding new types of businesses that better reflect America's economy. 
Fall Fun in Saratoga
Summer is coming to a close and fall is quickly approaching. Fortunately for us, Upstate New York is beautiful this time of year! There are so many fun things to do throughout the region from hiking and leaf peeping to apple orchards and pumpkin patches.

Click here to check out Saratoga's 2020 Fall Guide and discover fun throughout the region! 
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Planning Tip
2020 has thrown us quite a curve ball. This year is most likely not going the way you anticipated, and if you've found yourself rethinking how and when you'd like to spend your golden years, take time now to review your goals and the progress you've made thus far. Is your investment strategy on track? Do you need to increase your contributions? Are you saving tax-efficiently? You may be surprised at what a huge difference small changes can make!

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