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A quick note...
I hope that everyone who is reading this is well, and that your family and friends are safe. We often hear that these are unprecedented times, and they are. But in situations like this, community matters more than ever.

I know there is a lot of tension in the air. It has been quite a year, and it's still not done. When I am walking through neighborhoods, I see a lot of political signs. There are many signs and flags for the Presidential candidates, often with opposing signs and flags right next door to each other or across the street.

My hope is that while the election (all elections) are very important, we are not letting our political differences with our neighbors negatively impact our friendships and our neighborliness. The pandemic has revealed that we all rely on each other. Today, we truly understand what community means: the relationships between residents, businesses, and neighborhoods. Be well.

- Georgette

2020 Candidate Forum!

I have received a lot of questions about this election. They fall into two categories: who do I endorse, and if the City of Jax Beach and/or its departments endorses candidates. Lets go through each.

Who Do I Endorse
I endorse candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to our City. In this election, Ken Marsh and Frances Povloski have both volunteered much of their time for many years to help move our City forward. While I am sure their opponents have the best intentions, they have not been as publicly committed to our community. For me, this distinction is crucial at this time.

Jax Beach is at an inflection point. There have been many changes over the last two years, and now is not the time for on the job training. We need individuals who have been following the critical issues and challenges facing our City and who can hit the ground running on Day 1.

As for the Mayoral race, both candidates have been very involved in the City, each serving 8 years on City Council and holding the position of Mayor pro-tem. In addition, Wilson also had served on the Jax Beach Community Redevelopment Agency. Both have demonstrated a commitment to our City.

City Endorsements
Since I have received many questions lately on whether the City (or, more specifically, its Police and Fire Department) is endorsing candidates, I would like to provide some clarification. Neither the City, nor its departments, endorses candidates. The mailers and social media posts you are seeing do not refer to the Jax Beach Police Department, nor the former Jax Beach Fire Department. The public employee unions are the entities endorsing candidates.

With regard to the Police Department, many of our police officers are part of the Fraternal Order of Police, Northeast Lodge 17. That is the establishment that has given its endorsement, not the JBPD.

As for the Jax Beach Firefighters, they are now part of the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department and are no longer Jax Beach employees. That said, it is their union, the Jacksonville Association of Fire Fighters, who have given political endorsements, not the JFRD.

If you have any questions or would like me to elaborate further, feel free to call me at 904.486.6865 or email me at georgettedumont@gmail.com.
Some useful links:

If you choose to vote by mail:

  • Early voting starts on Monday, October 19 and ends on November 1.
  • In-person early voting is at the Beaches Library from 7am to 7pm.
  • Election Day: Nov. 3. You must vote at your assigned polling location.
  • If voting by mail, you may need to update your signature. A ballot will be rejected if your current signature does not match the signature you used when you registered to vote.
Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.
Full video, including the purpose of the Charter and the structure of our local government:
The section of the video just on the Charter Referendums:
Beaches Ballot Amendments
It has been brought to my attention that there is some confusion about the Charter Amendments that are listed on the sample ballot that was sent out by the Duval County Supervisor of Elections Office. The Jax Beach City Council held two readings on these amendments: the first on May 4, 2020 and the second on May 18, 2020. You can watch the Council’s discussion on the amendments in the videos below.
Summary of Referendum 1
This change would require a super-majority of Council (a minimum of 5 Council Members) to remove the City Manager. It currently requires a simple majority (a minimum of 4 Council Members).

Rationale: This is a very important decision impacting the operation and future of the City, and it should not be taken by a simple majority of Council Members.

Summary of Referendum 2
This change would require a super-majority of Council (a minimum of 5 Council Members) to remove the City Attorney. There is currently little language in the Charter regarding the City Attorney, since we only recently decided to hire one of our own. The previous attorney work via contract.

Rationale: This is a very important decision impacting the operation and future of the City, and it should not be taken by a simple majority of Council Members.
Summary of Referendum 3
This change establishes a procedure that should City Council decide in the future to contract out police services or Beaches Energy, the decision would then also need to be approved by the voters.
All other City departments only require a majority vote of Council to be combined, moved, or closed.

Rationale: In 2019, our Fire Services were contracted out in a 4-3 decision (Hoffman, Vogelsang, Doherty, and Nichols in support; Latham, Golding, and Dumont opposed). When the motion was made for this decision to go to the voters, it was opposed in a 4-3 vote (Hoffman, Vogelsang, Doherty, and Nichols opposed; Latham, Golding, and Dumont in support). This referendum guarantees citizens a voice in decisions of this magnitude.
Summary of Referendum 4
This change provides clarity that those in elected and appointed positions, shall not interfere with City employees’ job duties. 

Rationale: While this is standard practice in government, there is no language in our Charter specifically stating this, and as a result situations have occurred.

If you have any questions or would like more information on why I proposed and support these amendments, please call me at 904.486.6865.

First Reading
Second Reading
Together, we will make a difference.
Let's continue to work together to ensure that Jacksonville Beach remains one of the greatest places to call home! Reach out if you have any questions or concerns about what is happening in your neighborhood or City.