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Election Day Special

JAM (formerly CATV) exists to build community through media by encouraging civic participation, supporting transparency in local government, and empowering all voices through the creative tools of media.

We urge you to make your voice heard. Please make a plan to VOTE tomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 8. Both NH and VT residents can register on election day. Consider volunteering to get your friends and neighbors get to the ballot box. Our democracy depends on every one of us exercising our right and responsibility to participate.

JAM wants you to get out and VOTE

November JAM Lab Series: SOUND

Tuesdays, Nov. 8-29

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

@JAM 5 S. Main Street, 1st Floor, White River Junction VT 05001

JAM Instructors: Chico Eastridge, Senior Producer & Technical Director

with Samantha Davidson Green, Jordyn Fitch & Cedar O'Dowd

Fee: $150*

For: Community (15+)

* Pay-What-You-Can waiver/assistance available thanks to our media education sponsors, Adimab, LLC and the Laurance and Mary Rockefeller Fund. Contact:

What does democracy SOUND like? It sounds like all citizens having a voice – and knowing how to record, edit and get it out heard. This hands-on workshop series focusing on audio fundamentals for recording and creating compelling soundscapes is suited to all levels. You are invited to bring media projects-in-progress or ideas you’re incubating. Equipment will be provided (or bring your own) and can be borrowed between sessions for optional “homework” activities.

  • 11/8 Sound Recording Fundamentals: Lavalier and shotgun mics. Zoom recorders. XLR in-puts. Levels. Directionality and pick-up patterns. Signal to noise. Location vs. studio recording. Learn the fundamentals for recording just audio (for podcasting) or audio with image for film and media projects.
  • 11/15 Sound Editing: Dialogue edit. Pre-lapping and post-lapping. Room tone. Discover the power of sound editing to clean up and unify the world you are creating in your podcast, film or media project using standard digital editing softwares (Adobe Premiere/Audition, Final Cut Pro, Logic)
  • 11/23 Sound Design & Music: Sound effects. Foley. Backgrounds. Soundtrack and score. Discover how to create layered tracks for a lush, fully dimensional soundscape that achieve the full emotional power of your storytelling.
  • 11/29 Sound Mixing Workshop: Levels and fades. EQ. Panning. Stereo or 5.1 surround. Learn how to boost your audio, film or media project to a pro level through the final mix.

Cartoon Studies launches FREEDOM AND UNITY comic guide to democracy in VT

The Center for Cartoon Studies hosted a launch party for its comic FREEDOM AND UNITY on 10/27 at The Center for Cartoon Studies. Susan Clark, town moderator and co-author of Slow Democracy, and cartoonist Dan Nott ‘18, (who was also the lead cartoonist for CCS’s first graphic guide, THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE) discussed the creation of the comic and what they discovered about how democracy works in Vermont. JAM was there to live-stream and record it!

See what democracy LOOKS like right here in Vermont...

Freedom and Unity Launch

JAM – Junction Arts & Media

5 S. Main Street, 1st Floor (former Newberry Market)

White River Junction, VT 05001

JAM – Junction Arts & Media is CATV's new location and name reflecting our expanding role supporting local content creators across the media spectrum and through in-person media arts exhibits, activities, and events.

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