Monday, November 1, 2021
Election Day Tomorrow, November 2
Tuesday, November 2 is, of course, Election Day. Every election is important. Please get to the polls if you have not already voted by mail.

Information about some of the local races as well as the statewide judicial races is available from our Erie Echo newsletter, accessible at

Only those local races in which there was at least one response to our candidate survey or at least one candidate whose position on human life issues is known are included in the newsletter.

Millcreek Township Auditor Our candidate survey shows no response to questions #2 and #9 by Republican candidate for Millcreek Township Auditor Sue Weber. The failure to respond was inadvertent. The candidate recently contacted us and clarified that she definitely supports a law to protect unborn children from late-term abortions and opposes stem cell harvesting that kills human embryos.
PA Constitutional Amendment
The abortion industry is suing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to force Pennsylvania residents to pay for abortion-on-demand. Pennsylvania law currently prohibits state funding for elective abortions. The case is now pending before the Pennsylvania state Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, the abortion companies stand a good chance of prevailing, because of the ideology of the current panel of state Supreme Court Justices.

If the Court sides with the abortion providers, this could be the first domino to fall in a chain reaction that will wipe out even Pennsylvania's most modest pro-life abortion regulations.

This is an unprecedented challenge to the pro-life cause in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

It is highly likely that an amendment to the Pennsylvania state Constitution will be necessary to prevent taxpayer funded and totally unregulated abortion-on-demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy here in our state.

Plans to enact this constitutional amendment are already in motion, but this will be an extended effort, and the support of all pro-life Pennsylvanians is going to be needed every step of the way. The amendment will clarify that there is NO right to abortion to be found in the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Please phone and e-mail your Pennsylvania state senator and Pennsylvania state representative, and say, "I strongly support an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution to prevent taxpayer-funded abortion in our state." You can find the legislator contact information your need at

Finally, please inform your pro-life friends and relatives about this extremely serious situation and strongly encourage them to make those phone calls and send those e-mails, as well.

A constitutional amendment must be approved by two consecutive sessions of the Pennsylvania General Assembly before it is placed on the ballot for final approval by the voters.
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